Finding an Adoption Community

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about being an adoptive parent is finding an adoption community to be a part of. Living in NYC, it was pretty hard for me to believe that an organized, public group of this kind did not exist…..

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An Infertile Blonde---My Infertility and Adoption Story

I’m infertile. Seriously infertile. Infertile to the tune of 5 rounds of IVF in my early 30s, 3 pregnancies, and 3 miscarriages. One at 16 weeks, one at 12 weeks and one at 10 weeks. Infertile to the tune of ruining every holiday, every birthday, every everything. I think that the worst aspect of my infertility was that I was foolishly caught off guard by it. It never occurred to me, even though I was surrounded by women who were struggling to get pregnant, that I would be one of them.

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