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Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Ahoy Mateys!

Before my husband, two boys and I moved to South Florida a little over two years ago, I thought a visit to the "Sunshine State" was mostly for pool time and chain restaurants. But now that we’re tried and true Floridians who find 75 degrees too cold to swim, I can attest to the fact that there’s plenty to do away from the saltwater and sand.

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Healthy food tips for toddlers during the holidays!

We all love the holidays. And what’s not to love? For most of us, the holidays equate to family, festive lights, presents and lots of parties. But holidays are notoriously the time of year we over-indulge. And unfortunately, the same holds true for our little ones. Of course we don’t want their diets to consist primarily of holiday cookies, but sometimes it seems like there's nothing else around. And while a cookie here or there never hurt anyone, it has been proven time and again that most of our taste preferences are formed early in life. So infants exposed to a variety of foods/flavors (including vegetables) are more willing to accept those foods later on, and conversely those more exposed to processed foods and sugars will crave them more.

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When Being the Best Mom Means Not Being a Mom

I've wanted to be a mother since about the age of 5, and have memories of playing with my plastic Honey Doll, pretending she was a newborn that needed to be cared for. My desire for kids just grew stronger over the years. In my 20s and 30s, every time I dated someone new, I would immediately (and quite prematurely) fantasize what our children would look like. Would they have his deep-set brown eyes and slightly dimpled chin? Would they have my thirst for knowledge and perfectly thick eyebrows? I have had baby's names stored in my back pocket, ready to be pulled out as quickly as my wallet. Penelope and Spencer are currently my two favorites.

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cool last-minute tech gifts for new moms

I remember my first holiday as a mom, when my own gifts included outfits for the baby, toys for the baby, some gear for the baby and I was like uh…hello! I’m still a person in here! (Not that I’d ever turn down a thoughtful baby gift.)

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Which guitar should you buy for your toddler?

Hi Big City Moms Community:

So many of my "Mom friends" that I've met in my classes over the years have asked me what type of guitar to buy their toddler. I always make a point of telling them that there are lots of options out there these days, but my suggestion is that they not spend too much money on the guitar as it's surely going to get thrown around, banged up and eventually broken - all in short order.

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Holiday Movies for the Family

On Christmas Eve, we always watch The Polar Express. But even during a regular week, what surprises me most about movies is that with them "watching" becomes "doing." It truly is an event, something special, memorable, and most important, it's something we can replay in the years to come, a connection that lives through generations--traditions old and new.

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