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Munchkin Launches New Layette Line mbaby

With just days before I welcome my third child into the world, I am slowly preparing our aparment for his arrival. Although I have most of the baby gear that I need from my other children, I am always amazed at the new and innovative baby products that hit the market.

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How Many People Does It Take To Make A Baby?

Teamwork Pop Quiz: How many people does it take to make a baby?

Answer: For the fertile people out there who may miss out on reading blogs such as this, the answer would be two — one man and one woman having sex together. (If you’re into something else here then more power to you – but only two are required).

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the never ending school lunch dilemma

This year marks the first year that I have to make my daughters lunch for school. I have to admit, I was a little obsessed with finding the perfect lunch box that that my daughter would love and not scream "princesses" and also be functional and keep her lunches in tact and cool as her lunch sits on a shelf in her class without refrigeration.

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Running to find a cure for Diabetes

We all remember special dates and milestones in our lives: anniversaries, birthdays, when your baby took their first steps, etc. August 20, 2010 is a day I will never forget. A day that was a "life changer" for my daughter Emma and our family.

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Are You in A Rut?

When was the last time you tried something new?

It’s so easy to fall into a rut and stop doing new things. Kids, family obligations, work, errands and appointments all add up to very little “me” time. One day you just wake up and feel bored and restless, despite being “busy” and running around.

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Clean Eating During Your Pregnancy

I believe that pregnancy is a showcase of women's creative power so it saddens me when my clients in low-risk pregnancies report the emphasis their doctors have placed on their weight gain in place of practical tips as to how they could be best nourishing themselves. Science is finally catching up and proving what intuitively, we already probably knew: that a nutrient-dense diet plays an important role in decreasing the risk for many prenatal and birth complications- everything from infertility, pre-eclampsia and hemorrhaging to postpartum depression and premature birth.

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Food, food and more food!

When I receive invites for food events--I jump on them! I love getting inspired by chefs and I often say, I can do that! Whether I not I do do that is one thing but I enjoy the energy that chefs have--and I marvel at how they can prepare, cook and talk at the same time.

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KEEPING the Winter Weight OFF

Ok, so you said you wouldn’t let it happen again this year, but those extra holiday inches found their way to your waist. An extra drink here, a few meals out there, a few bites of treats around the office: It all added up! Now it’s the New Year: You are focused, dedicated, sick of the holiday treats, and sworn off alcohol (this week!). You are doing a detox diet or a juice cleanse and hitting it hard at the gym every day. The pounds are coming off. But let’s get real: Can you keep this up long term? My guess is NO! And nor should you. Strict dieting is neither healthy nor practical. Instead of aiming for a quick fix, work on transforming your long-term eating habits to maintain health for a lifetime!

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