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Color Trends for 2015

The holidays are here and you know what that means -  2015 will be here in a flash.  I love the new year because it brings upon the idea of getting a fresh start, settting new goals, and discovering new things.  Although we have just about a month and a half yet to great the new year,  the color trends for 2015 are already being talked about.

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The Stomach Bug Survival Guide

It’s back…the dreaded stomach bug. We are seeing an increasing number of children with symptoms of the stomach bug over the last two weeks.  It’s is highly likely that at some point in your child’s life you will be dealing with vomiting and diarrhea. Luckily, most of theses episodes are self limited and only require supportive care. Below is a guide to help get you through this difficult time period.


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Finding the Perfect Diaper Bag

I swear I have become the crazy bag lady even more since having a kid. I am all about buying new bags for traveling and just because. I really have such an addiction that my wife and I have a closet full of bags.

The things is, and all you moms will agree with me, that you get over your bag and you want something new, different, and not what everyone else has. I mean what is worse than being out in public and you walk past someone with the same shirt on as you, or even worse, you have the same diaper bag. I know, I flip out.

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The 26th Biggest Baby Shower: New York City

This past Wednesday Night, November 12th,  Big City Moms celebrated our 10th Anniversary and 26th Biggest Baby Shower in New York City. Thousands of expectant and new parents checked out the latest and greatest from our favorite companies. From strollers to bottles, car seats to baby food, the Biggest Baby Shower had it all for attendees to touch, test out, and get educated on everything they needed for their growing family.

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