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Big City Moms LOVES LA!

Our second stop for our Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event this year was Los Angeles… We had the best time – and loved every minute of it!

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Get Serious About Play

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been talking to my parenting groups about the importance of play in the lives of their children. Learning through play has long been recognized as a critical aspect of childhood and child development. I began to think about the role of play in the life of adults. How important is it? Many of us have forgotten how to play. Those adults who engage in excessive amounts of play are often labeled "childish" or "immature."

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As a prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes in New York City for the past sixteen years and a prevention specialist, I have heard all the reasons why parents don’t discuss child sexual abuse prevention with their children. I have heard them so often that I can recite them by heart. In honor of April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, I decided it would be a good idea to memorialize the top 10 reasons why parents choose not to discuss the subject.

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Million Dollar Baby

As an expectant parent, either first time around or not, there is nothing more exciting than planning for your new bundle of joy. And while it is fun to pick out the new stroller, bedding, and toys to satisfy your child’s immediate needs – believe it or not – it is also the right time to fast forward and create a “financial plan” for their future.

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Trying to keep our kids and families healthy has become more and more of a challenge. The mixed messages we receive from big businesses promoting their products leave us confused, stressed and probably a little discouraged. Is it possible to buy the right products, cook clean ingredients and deliver a strong, healthy adult into the world after 18 years? Check out the five apps below if you are looking for a little help – they are my personal top choices. I use them all daily to help maintain my sanity and pantry.

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Baby2Baby at the Biggest Baby Shower Los Angeles

Baby2Baby is thrilled to participate in the 2014 Biggest Baby Shower Los Angeles as the event’s charity partner. At the event, Baby2Baby will collect new and gently used essential baby gear donations from attendees to distribute to thousands of children in need throughout Los Angeles. Swing by the table to receive literature on Baby2baby, information regarding our volunteer program and how to get involved and also find out how this organization is making a huge difference in your community.

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The Magic of Camp…

We have all heard the axiom…The magic of camp!

It is very clear to me, that the most effective camp directors truly understand the magic of camp as well as anyone. They understand what makes the environment that we call camp so special, and how camp is so different from the other ten months of the year. They get it, that special ingredient, that magic that we speak of!

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Ayana's Tips for Pregnant Riders

Here at Big City Moms headquarters - our team is obsessed with SoulCycle. The convenience of 45 minute workout/dance party on a bike with amazing music has us hooked!

Our community is always asking us about eating healthy and safe excercise during the 9 months when your belly is growing...we were thrilled to see that one of our favorite instructors Ayana Curtis who is expecting baby number 2 soon shared her tips for riding while pregnant...

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