Flight Safety and FAA regulations

When traveling by air with children, it is important to be aware of in flight safety regulations. The fact that many airlines have different policies can be confusing at times for families when traveling. When considering what would be the safest way to have your child seated in the aircraft it is best to follow the recommendations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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The typical school-age child has 10 weeks of summer vacation. That’s at least 70 full days with you or another caregiver–be it a daycare provider, camp counselor, nanny, babysitter, family, or a friend. Regardless of your family’s regular schedule, it’s likely you could use a bit of additional childcare this summer. Now is the time to think about lining up your summer childcare help, here are a few tips to get you started.

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Staycation Winter Break

It is that time of year when school starts to let out for winter break. Although the idea of family travel away from home is always wonderful, sometimes it is not possible. If you find yourself home during break, take the opportunity to discover your local area as a tourist would and have a vacation at home.

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Winter Getaway Tips

This time of year many families travel to warmer climates to escape the winter cold. If you are planning a trip to a beautiful warm destination like Miami to enjoy the beach and sunshine with your little one, consider these tips.

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Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Ahoy Mateys!

Before my husband, two boys and I moved to South Florida a little over two years ago, I thought a visit to the "Sunshine State" was mostly for pool time and chain restaurants. But now that we’re tried and true Floridians who find 75 degrees too cold to swim, I can attest to the fact that there’s plenty to do away from the saltwater and sand.

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