As a school psychologist, who specializes in behavior analysis, of course I will always tell parents to provide their children with reinforcement for positive behaviors by giving them rewards. The question is though, what is something that is rewarding for your child? For some children, it is a special snack, for others it is a … Continued


Here are some quick tips on how to promote positive behavior in your home. Be positive – make comments and praise the good things your child is doing Set them up to succeed – when you know your child is having a challenging day, pick an activity they enjoy and are good at. Ignore problem … Continued

Making Room for Chores

Giving your children a “job” in your home benefits both you and them. Providing your children with chores helps get things done, while building upon their self-esteem and organizational skills. A great way to systematize household tasks between different family members is to get a white board and put it in a common area in … Continued