10 Tips for a Successful Mealtime

As speech pathologists, we encounter many families that tell us their children are “picky eaters.”  We often hear stories of mealtime lasting more than an hour, a child refusing to eat a certain food, and some children not eating at all. Throughout the years we have realized that with simple changes, families can enjoy this … Continued

Getting Services for Your Child Through CPSE

Summer is almost upon us, and we want to make sure our kids are ready for their first day of school in September and this includes making sure they receive the services they need through the Department of Education such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special instruction, etc. As speech therapists, we have … Continued

Early Intervention 101

As speech pathologist, we know the Early Intervention program can be confusing for parents, so this article is here to help! The Early Intervention program has been around since 1986, and is administered through the Department of Health. It is a FREE service provided to children under 3 years of age, who have a developmental … Continued

6 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool Interviews

It’s now October and we’re sure many families have upcoming preschool interviews for their children. We know how overwhelming the experience can be and want to help you make the entire process less stressful. As speech language pathologists, we wanted to share with you some age-appropriate speech and language tasks that your child may encounter … Continued

Top Speech & Language Apps for School-Aged Children

Articulate Scenes – $29.99 Trouble saying specific sounds? Articulate Scenes really has it all and in our opinion, is perfect to start generalizing correct production of all sounds in the English language. Throughout the 72 scenes, the overall theme is cinema and movies. Each scene has 4 activities – finding hidden items, tapping and saying … Continued

Top Speech & Language Apps for Infants & Toddlers

Baby Sign Language Dictionary – $2.99 From birth to one year of age, your child is imitating movements, sounds, etc. Although they may not be speaking verbally, they make their needs known by producing sounds, crying, and gesturing. This is why it is beneficial to introduce baby sign language to your little one. It allows … Continued

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 4-5 years old

When your child reaches the age of 4, they are truly beginning to refine their skills as communicators. Overall, they understand over 2,800 words! Receptively, they have learned the concept of numbers up to 3, continue to understand spatial concepts (e.g. – up, under, behind), recognize up to 3 colors or more, answer complex two-part … Continued

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 3 – 4 years old

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 3 – 4 years old At around 3 to 4 years old, your child will really be blossoming in terms of language. Receptively, children now understand a vocabulary of 1200-2000+ words, follow 2-3 step commands, and are conscious of past and future events. Expressively, they are even … Continued

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 12 – 24 months

When your child reaches 12 months of age, they are officially a toddler! At this point, your child is most likely sitting up and crawling. They may even be pulling themselves up to stand by grabbing your hands or an object. And ultimately, they will start walking within this time period, which means increased exploration … Continued

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 24 – 36 months

Most people refer to this stage as the “terrible twos”, but we as speech therapists love the stage from 2-3 years old because children exhibit a huge burst in their language development! During this period, your children will also begin toileting, feeding themselves with a spoon and fork, and dressing. Cognitively, their problem solving skills … Continued

Ways to Promote Speech & Language Skills – 0 to 12 months

As new parents, you have many questions concerning your infant – sleep patterns, feeding, nutrition, diapering, breastfeeding and one worry may also include how to communicate with your child. This article will specifically target speech and language skills for ages 0 to 12 months. It is never too early to promote speech and language! During … Continued

Basics of Speech and Language Development

Gift of Gab provides speech and language therapy, evaluations, and workshops all over New York City. We as speech-language pathologists believe it is never too early to promote speech and language skills in our children. Development starts in utero where children begin to memorize sounds and melodies, so feel free to sing and read stories … Continued