Just in time for Mother’s Day, the perfect gift

SELF COMPASSION As a mother, it’s easy to put our families needs before our own needs. By definition, compassion refers to one’s sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with the desire to alleviate (Merriam-Webster 2010). It makes perfect sense then why there is a dearth of self- compassion as it in essence is an oxymoron. … Continued

A Mama’s Guide to Dealing with Guilt

If you are one of those fortunate few who rarely visited guilt-ville before having a baby, the arrival of a little one usually comes served with a heaping side-dish of mommy guilt. Everywhere you turn, you can find something new to feel guilty about. You take a moment to do something for yourself rather than … Continued

5 Things I wish Someone Told Me Right After I Had a Baby

1. Immediately it’s all about the baby. For nine months, you lived in the special club of pregnant women. It was all about you. People constantly asked how you were feeling. People who did not even know you saw you, glanced at your belly and smiled. Strangers asked “when are you do” as if they … Continued

Top Tips for 2nd Time Moms

DON’T’ SHOOT FOR 50/50: Many moms of two envision trying to split their time equally between their first born and their newborn. This simply is not a realistic expectation. The reality (and research shows this as well) is that if you spend 20% of the tie with your newborn (mostly feeding, changing, and some swaddle … Continued