Did I Enjoy My Kids Enough Before They Went Back To School?

How often did I lose my patience, forgetting that she needed me to be steadfast and reliable? How many times had I responded sharply or carelessly instead of making her feel heard and loved? Had I been a good mom more often than not?

I Wish I Hadn’t Quit Sleep Training

Had I stuck to the cry-it-out method, we likely would have been done with our sleep nightmare in a week or two. Instead, we were left with years of sleep issues.

The Problem With Girls’ Clothing

The princess mermaid nightgown presented some glaring problems, but it was hardly the first time I’d had complaints with girls’ clothing choices.

The 4 Worst Parts of Being a Work-From-Home Parent

There are some disadvantages to being a work-from-home parent that you might not realize. If you’ve ever thought of working from home with your kids, let me tell you, it might not be how you’ve imagined it.

4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

You are not a failure if you find that a certain lofty goal doesn’t actually fit into your life. As you work towards finding a balance that’s right for you and your family, expect growth and change to throw you off the charted course.