What are Schools Looking For?

What are schools looking for? For most Nursery schools in NYC, a required part of the somewhat daunting and occasionally overwhelming admissions process is a play group/interview for the child, and a tour/interview for the parents. For those of us with memories of our own parents walking us across the road and registering on the … Continued

Is Your Child Ready for Nursery School? 4 Things to Consider

There are a variety of factors to think about before taking the plunge into the nursery school admissions process. The tricky thing is that in NYC, these factors need to be examined at least a full year in advance of enrolling, in some cases when your child is a newborn. Is my child ready? You … Continued

First Choice Letters…Are They Important

First Choice Letters…. Are they important? When applying to nursery school, you may hear park bench rumors that you will only be accepted if you submit a “first choice” letter. You may be saying to yourself, “what is a first choice letter?” A first choice letter basically states to a school that if the school … Continued