Supporting Language Development

There is a typical developmental pattern of language acquisition. (0–3 months): Crying (2–5 months): Cooing (5–7 months): Babbling (8 months on): Comprehending words (12–18 months): Saying single words (18–24 months): Combining words (24 months on): Forming simple sentences (subject-verb-object) (24 months on): Expressing complete thoughts Techniques for nurturing language development Responding and turn taking: when … Continued

Using Time Outs

Time-outs are one of the most used and often misused tools in the parenting toolbox. The most popular misconception is that time-outs are used as a form of punishment (i.e. “If you don’t stop hitting your brother I’m going to put you in a time-out.)” But this can actually encourage misbehavior by giving attention to … Continued