Deena Blanchard, MD

Deena Blanchard MD, MPH is a board certified pediatrician working at Premier Pediatrics. Dr. Blanchard joined Premier, after completing her residency training at Columbia University. There she served as a physician advocate for families as part of the family advisory committee and was awarded physician of the year in 2007. Prior to going to medical school she completed a Masters of Public Health at Temple University with a specific focus in health education. Dr. Blanchard attended medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where she was awarded both Alpha Omega Alpha and the American Medical Women’s Association Glascow-Rubin Achievement award.
Premier Pediatrics is an established pediatric practice with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We have been tending to the health of NYC children for over 30 years. We gladly offer prenatal visits free of cost at both our offices. To schedule a visit please call 212-589-0331 or 718-369-0817.
Dr. Deena Blanchard serves as a pediatric expert for brands including Ella’s Kitchen and Newton.
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