Dr. Alan Greene

Alan Greene, MD is a practicing pediatrician and a leading voice in children's health and the environment. He is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of California at San Francisco. In 1995 he launched DrGreene.com, cited by the AMA as "the pioneer" physician Web site and was named "The Children's Health Hero of the Internet" by Intel. He was given the Healthy Child Award for Prevention for founding the WhiteOut campaign to change the way children are fed starting with their very first bite of solid food. Dr. Greene is the author of several books, including Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green and he appears frequently in the media including such venues as the TODAY Show, the Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America & The New York Times.

Depression and Pregnancy

People often think of pregnancy as a special time when women feel biologically complete and insulated from the sadness in the surrounding world. And it is special… The truth is, though, that the rates of depression in pregnant and non-pregnant women are very similar. Many women have gone through difficult times while pregnant, shed many


Six separate bones make up the cranium of a baby’s head: the occipital (in the rear), the frontal (in the front), the two temporal (low on either side) and two parietal (most of either side). These bones develop, and are in place, by the 5th month of pregnancy. They are like pieces of a jigsaw