Dr. Katie Friedman

Forever Freckled is a new lifestyle blog created by three sisters that provide expert advice to parents in a fun and approachable way. We all have extremely unique journeys with the common trait of providing guidance and advice. Alison utilized her veterinarian degree and built a business to help and guide people with their animal needs. Katie traveled a similar but different path as she went to medical school and dedicated her career to specializing in the needs of children. Carrie spent many years devoting herself to women’s fashion. We wanted to create a platform where parents could come to get real medical advice for their children and pets and pick up some great lifestyle tips as well.We hope you will enjoy reading about our journeys as much as we love living them!
My name is Katie Friedman and of the sisters I would consider myself the laid-back nurturing mom/pediatrician with a sophisticated edge. Very early on in my journey, I discovered my passion and talent for healing people. Whether with my words or hands, I have always found great joy in calming and empowering people. I was fortunate enough to build a career out of my passions and love working as a Pediatrician.Working in the Pediatric Emergency Room has allowed me to meet so many unbelievable parents and help them through difficult times. For me, education is one of the most important parts of being a doctor. I spend a significant amount of time teaching my parents about their child’s illness and giving tips to get through it! 

Doctor, When Can My Child Go Back To School?

This article originally appeared on Forever Freckled and was reprinted with permission from the author. As parents we never want our child to be sick and of course our first priority is always to make sure that they are well taken care of. We have all been there. Their nap is a little longer than usual,