Elise Duryea

Elise is a New York State licensed Speech Language Pathologist with a private practice in the Hamptons, who also holds a certificate of Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicap. She holds contracts with Suffolk County Early Intervention and
Related Services Programs, as well as many of the local school districts in which she provides evaluations, consultation with staff, and individual or group therapy. Elise is a certified member of ASHA (American Speech-Hearing Association) and also has training in the area of fluency disorders. Elise also specializes in feeding, myofunctional therapy, motor speech disorders, and works with children with oral motor and sensory issues as well as poor feeding skills and eating habits.
Elise holds a master’s degree from New York University. She is a recipient of ASHA’s ACE Award for her commitment to continuing education. Elise is the only PROMPT certified clinician on the East End of Long Island.

Turkey Talk: The Kids’ Table Should be Extinct!

The kids table at your Thanksgiving dinner. We probably have all either sat at one or put our children at it to save space and noise (not to mention, mess). As a 40 something year old, I sat (and still sit) at the kids table, and my teenage children have followed suit. Was it fun