Kira Ryan and Conner Herman

Conner Herman and Kira Ryan started Dream Team Baby after finding themselves completely exhausted and overwhelmed by sleep. Inspired to help other parents avoid their pitfalls, they recruited an expert advisory board to help them approach sleep issues in a safe, effective and well-rounded way. This board is still an integral part of the company today. It includes a pediatrician, neurologist, lactation consultant, nurse practitioner, psychologist, and behavioral therapist.
Conner (Founder & CEO) has an MA in English Literature from the University of Virginia, and achieved a rank of Major in the US Air Force after graduating from the USAFA. She worked in rapid troop deployment in Iraq after September 11, specializing in intelligence. She has three active young sons, Wyatt, McCoy & Everett. She and her business partner Kira Ryan founded Dream Team Baby after Prior to launching Dream Team Baby, Kira Ryan (Founder & CMO) worked in New York City for several major corporations, specializing in strategy and research. She graduated from University of Wisconsin with a BA in journalism and is the mother of three young children, Emilia, Carter and Cece.

Sleep – Navigating Toddler Bedtime Battles

Tuck-in time, Lights out, Night-night . Call it whatever you like but with toddlers the time between when you first put them down and when they actually fall asleep can seem like hours. Bedtime resistance in toddlers is nothing new, you did it to your parents and they probably did it to their parents. But

Sleep – Tips for Siblings Sharing a Room

Tips for Siblings Sharing a Room 1. Divide to Conquer. Let’s face it, kids are playful. They’re supposed to be! Even if they are tired, being in the same space is an invitation to play and engage. Many families find it helpful to put up a partition or other device to physically separate their children

Sleep Tips: Typical Sleep Schedules by Age

AGE TYPICAL SLEEP SCHEDULE 0-4 MONTHS Varied. Generally, after 8 weeks, a child naps after every two hours of awak time during the day. 4-6 MONTHS 7am – wake up for the day 9-10am – nap1 12-1pm – nap 2 3-4pm – nap 2 7pm – bedtime 6-15 MONTHS 7am – wake up for the