Lauren Jimeson

Lauren Jimeson is the Executive Editor and Social Media Director at Big City Moms.  She's a full time work-at-home mom of two little girls and a toddler boy. After living in the suburbs of both Atlanta and Tampa nearly her entire life, Lauren and her husband made the move to New York City in 2010, shortly after their oldest daughter, Harlan, was born. Lauren chronicled her new life in the city on her blog, A Mommy in the City (Now Sincerely, Lauren). And that's when she met the wonderful founders of Big City Moms.

Diaper Care 101: Everything You Need To Know About Wipes

It’s a shame we didn’t know this before having kids, baby wipes are the cure for everything. It didn’t take us long after the baby was born to realize thay baby wipes aren’t just for our baby’s bottoms, but are for spills, sticky hands and face. They will help you clean your car, your carpet,