Leslie Venokur

With events - big and small and everything in between, Big City moms is the destination for moms, moms to be and families. Founders, Risa Goldberg and Leslie Venokur are sisters as well as Big City Moms themselves. Leslie is the mom of a 5 year old daughter, Samantha and 1 year old boy, Max.
Big City Moms was created almost 10 years ago with events geared towards working moms. Since their inception, Big City Moms has evolved to cater events towards all moms, moms-to-be and the entire family. Today, they have a network with over 100,000 mothers, an online community and events every day across the Unites States.

Our Picks For Keeping Your Baby Safe Around The House

We received compensation from Jet.com for this post. As always, all opinions are our own. When parents are preparing for their arrival, they tend to put off baby-proofing their home because they think they will have plenty of time to prepare while their baby is still a newborn. While we understand not wanting to take on more tasks

Fun Passover Recipes

Every year for Passover we do the family shuffle. We have one seder with my family and one seder with my husband’s family. One of the benefits of this holiday is that we can be with both families and not feel like we are leaving someone out!   This year, my husband and I decided

Curly Hair Woes

My daughter has been blessed with crazy curly hair. Well at least that’s what she hears day in and day out from strangers.  Of course, she begs to get her hair blown out straight so she looks like most of her friends (and sometimes I give in as its so much easier to manage.)  I

Sami’s 6th Sweet Birthday Celebration

Last year I stumbled upon a hidden gem of a candy store on top of the Cynthia Rowley store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I instantly fell in love with the store.  The look and feel of the space is magical.    Sami’s actual Birthday fell on Labor Day this year and was

Max is two!

Birthday’s are a big deal in my family. Being that both my children have summer birthday’s, their celebration’s double as an excuse to have family and friends over for a party at our summer house in Westhampton. Last year for Max’s first birthday we did a nautical theme (see last years post) – which was

Be My Valentine…And Look the part!

With school aged kids – its hard to not get into the spirit of every Hallmark Holiday….As Valentine’s Day approaches – it seems to be all that my daughter talks about – it’s a nice distraction from her constantly asking to get her ears pierced! I’ve been hunting for some cute Valentine’s Day theme clothes

the never ending school lunch dilemma

This year marks the first year that I have to make my daughters lunch for school. I have to admit, I was a little obsessed with finding the perfect lunch box that that my daughter would love and not scream “princesses” and also be functional and keep her lunches in tact and cool as her

Party Eloise Style

Up until now birthday parties for my daughter were whatever my husband and I wanted for her party…she was young enough where we could just make her a party and she would tell us who to invite and that was that… Well this year – she turns five! yikes! Not only is she turning five

My Baby is Turning One!

There is something about a 1 Year old birthday…This is the birthday that sets the stage for all the birthdays to come. I know you’re probably thinking – are you for real? The first birthday party is really for the adults and the child will only remember this from looking at pictures when he is

Toddler Bath Time Tips

Toddler Bath Time Tips Your Toddler can now sit in the bath without assistance and play by himself…so why is it so hard to actually get him into the bath? Toddler Bath-Time Tips: Just before bath time – give a few minutes warning that bath time is coming up next so its an easier transition