Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a writer, husband, father, & friend. He lives in Portland with his wife Rachel, and 3 beautiful girls, Avery, Rylee, & Hattie. When he’s not reading or writing, he enjoys a local micro-brew, or a strong cup of coffee. He is passionate about literature, theology, justice, Daniel Day-Lewis movies, U2 records (but with strong reservations about No Line on the Horizon), and believes that the right words can change the world. He can be found on: Twitter: @stephenedwardc

Did You Know Air Pollution Isn’t Just an Outdoor Problem?

Your baby makes their way into the world, and as far as parents know, is instantly confronted with dangers at every turn. You spend hours planning out organic meals, stocking up on natural skincare products and researching that perfect, green certified mattress so baby sleeps easy. In all the chaos, however, the thing most often overlooked is making sure that the air they breathe inside of your home is safe as well.

I Don’t Force my Kids to Hug. Here’s Why.

If you’re a parent of young kids, the following scenario might be all too familiar to you: You’re at the grandparents’ house, or a playdate or family are over, and it’s time to leave. Your kids get their shoes on, help straighten up whatever crazy disaster they’ve made of the house, and you’re ready to