Joolz Geo²

Joolz, the award-winning Dutch stroller brand is making it’s way to the U.S. with the Joolz Geo². Founded in 2005, the company is a top-seller in Europe, Asia, and Australia. The brand not only believes in making strollers that parents will love, but they also believe in giving back. For each Joolz stroller sold, the brand plants a tree in Colombia. From then on, the tree will grow with your child: your child close to you and the tree in Colombia. In addition to this philanthropic effort, the brand gives meaning to all their sustainable packaging. Every box for strollers and accessories can be recycled into practical and beautiful products for decoration in children’s rooms.



The first stroller that Joolz will debut in the United State is the Joolz Geo². The stroller was designed in the Netherlands and comes in three configurations – the Mono ($1000), the Duo ($1250), and the Twin ($1400), which makes the stroller future- and twin-proof. In all three configurations the Joolz Geo² is compact and remains easy-to-maneuver while strolling. Because of the high bassinet and seat you’ll never have to bend down deep, the sleek ergonomic design ensures your baby is well- supported and the four-wheel suspension cushions jolts so that your little one sleeps comfortably. The stroller seamlessly folds up when it needs to be packed away, even with two seats. The Joolz Geo² offers great comfort and ease for every family adventure and is available in two collections and six different colors.