1. Trunk club

If dad needs a new wardrobe but has no time to shop, that’s where Trunk Club comes in. Dad fills out a brief survey and then has a personal stylish shop for him clothes to fit his style. They stylist will send the clothes to him and he can try it on. He keeps what he wants and sends back what he doesn’t. He’ll never step foot in a mall again. 

Available at Trunk Club, Prices Vary

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2. Sphere Ice Molds

If dad enjoys a glass of whisky, bourbon, or scotch, these slow-melting ice spheres will be the perfect thing to accompany it. They are easy to make and form into a perfect sphere that will bring out the full flavor of his drinks. 

Available at Crate and Barrell, $11.95

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3. Stainless Steel collar stays

If dad wears a suit everyday, these are the perfect accessory. This stainless-steel collar stays set comes with three pairs of adjustable stays, so they fit just about every type of dress shirt collar you can imagine. 

Available at J.Crew, $30.00

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4. Me Undies Boxer Briefs

Refresh his under garmet drawer with this box of 10 boxer briefs. These undies are made of luxury, moisture wicking fabric that your man will love to wear. 

Available at MeUndies, $160.00

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5. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is designed to help you. It’s a speaker that has seven built-in microphones equipped to listen to you. Echo connects to Alexa. Ask Alexa anything you want and she will do it for you. Does dad want to know the sports scores, the weather? Alexa knows it all. All you have to do is ask. 

Available Amazon, $179.99

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6. 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Money Clip

A money clip that does it all. The Stainless Steel Multi-Tool features a retracting precision LED light, can/cap opener, flathead screwdriver, knife, saw and wire cutter. And the Stainless Steel Money Clip offers a swivel-action pen knife, file, scissors and flathead screwdriver. 

Available at Amazon , $9.99

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7. Apple Watch

If dad is always on the go and never has a hand free, give him the Apple Watch. He can receive and respond to notifications in an instant, including phone calls and text messages. If he’s active, he can track his daily activity. Loves music? He can control the music using only his voice. He can even use Apple Pay with just the raise of his wrist. 

Available at Apple, $549-$1049

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8. Garment Weekender

A bag that does much more than you think. This is the perfect bag for him to take on weekend trips or quick business trips.  The Garment Weekender combines the functionality of a garment bag with the pack-it-up portability of a duffel bag.

Available at Hook and Albert, $585.00

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9. Boost Solar Panel Backpack

If dad’s carrying around his things and baby’s items, this is a great bag that not only has the storage space, but has a built in charger for his electronics. The backpack has a built in solar panel and for every three minutes the bag is in the sun, it charges his phone one percent. A unique bag for all of dad’s day-to-day items.

Available at Birk Sun, $99.99

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Whether it’s for poker night or family game night, these are the cards he’ll want to play with. They are sleek and sophisticated and a unique way to play his favorite card games. 

Available at Gent Supply Co, $14.85

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