Holiday Gift Guide Grandparents

1. Portable Photo Printer 

Photo-loving grandparents can print their favorite images straight from their smartphone—even on the go. This easy-to-lug device prints photos onto 2×3 sticky-backed photo paper. This item retails for $129.99 through and is also sold at big box stores. 

2. Eyeglass Holder 

Help Grandpa remember exactly where his reading glasses are. This smile-inducing Teakwood nose eyeglass holder is hand-carved. Available for $13.95 through Debby Burke Optical

3. Crystal ClearTM Electric Kettle 

Warming up water will be a treat instead of a chore! Made of an easy-to-clean glass, this kettle includes a safety features and a cordless jug. The kettle retails for $99 on, and is also sold in select kitchen stores. 

4. Heirloom Recipe Journal 

Family chefs can capture favorite recipes forever in this striking book. The hardwood cherry cover and archival paper make it an instant family keepsake. This book retails for $70 through Uncommon Goods. 

5. people feeder

Hosts and hostesses alike will enjoy the conversation that unfolds when guests discover this bird-feeder-inspired snack holder. Perfect for candy or nuts—but hopefully not bird seed—the People Feeder is available with either a red or white base. This item retails for $40 at Uncommon Goods


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