luca and company ivi 3d play carpets

We love creative play that allows children to interact and engage without the use of technology. The IVI 3D Play Carpets are colorfully designed to stimulate and encourage children’s play in an entertaining way that allows everyone to join in on the fun! With five designs to choose from, your children can let their imagination soar.

Available at Luca and Company, $150.00

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OMY Giant Coloring Page

Kids big and small love to color and this is a page that will keep them coloring for hours. This giant coloring page is so big that many people can get involved on the fun. Once finished you can display your masterpiece on the wall, as a tablecloth, and much more!

Available at Perfecty Smitten, $30.00

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Yellow Ship Kite

Let’s go fly a kite! It’s a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. This handmade kite was inspired by the story of Peter Pan and is gorgeous way to enjoy a day at the beach or at the park.

Available at Acorn Toy Shop, $45.00

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Wooden bowling Set

Don’t take them to the bowling alley when they can set up right inside your house. This wooden bowling set is handcrafted and has 10 colorful pins that kids of all ages will love to set up and knock down. A fun indoor activity for those cold winter days that keep the kids locked up indoors.

Available at Rogue Wood Designs, $28.00

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Wooden Tree House

A dream tree house for any doll that your child has. With three levels, it can provide so many hours of play. We love the wooden ladder and swing rope that looks just like the real thing. This is a great house to get your little one’s imagination going.

Available at Acorn Toy Shop, $150.00

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Freezy Dream iCe Cream Truck

This is a play tent like no other. It allows your child to bring the ice cream truck  indoors. Your kids will scream for ice cream while they set this up in your living room to play pretend with some sweet treats. We love the little details like the awnings that make it look like the real thing! 

Available at Land of Nod, $249.00

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little humans

From the photographer of the popular blog, Humans of New York (HONY,) this books was made for our little humans. Brandon Stanton shares some of his favorite photographs of children that he’s taken along with his own narrative for a truly delightful picture book that your children will love to look through.

Available at Barnes and Noble, $10.52

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Tanabata star domino set

A colorful and unqiue set of dominos that was made for so much more. This set of 100 stars can be used for sorting, stacking, counting, and so much more. While we love the colors of the set, we are even more wild for the bright gold bag that they come in. 

Available at My Sweet Muffin, $54.00

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OGOBILD with AnimateIt! – Studio Kit

If your child is a future film maker, get them started now with this fun stop-motion animation kit. Complete with software, a video camera, and toys that they can construct to whatever their imagination desires. They will have so much fun making movies and showing off their film to the entire family. 

Available at OgoSport, $70.00

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Lille City Build Your Own City

A city that they can call all their own. Made of recycled paperboard with fun designs, this city can be put together just the way that your child wants. Our favorite part is that the brand doesn’t let the packaging go to waste. Tell your kids to grab their markers because the packaging is also a play surface. It is printed to unfold and become a little city map to color on!

Available at Lille Huset, $40.00

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