Gifts for Grandparents

Plum Print Calendar

Doting grandparents will

admire their grandchildrens’

art all year long! Send in 13

pieces of your little Picasso’s

best work, and Plum Print will

morph it into a wall calendar.

Mpix Metal Prints

Turn favorite family photos into art—literally! These Modern Metals prints will enliven beloved photographs by transferring them onto thin sheets of aluminum. Choose between an easel frame or float mount.

A Grandparent’s Journal

Brimming with prompts to get the stories flowing, grandparents will love writing down their wisdom for their grandchildren. Covering topics ranging from friendship and family to finding your purpose, this evocative journal makes it easy to capture stories that the whole family will treasure.

Grandparent’s Link Necklace

Grandmothers will be touched when they receive this necklace symbolizing inter-generational bonds. With sterling, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil, the pendants celebrate the special connections that stream between grandparent, child, and grandchild.

Custom Family Portrait

Art-lovers will delight in receiving a customized artist’s rendering of a special family picture. The artist works with customers until you’re completely satisfied with this unique gift.

Heart Snapshot Mix™

Proud grandparents will love this heart-shaped collage of favorite photos. Images are hand-pressed with a choice of gold, silver or rose gold foil for a stunning look.

Heirloom Recipe Journal

Family chefs can capture favorite recipes forever in this striking book. The hardwood cherry cover and archival paper make it an instant family keepsake.

Hot Cider Candle

This fragrant candle cozies up winter evenings with a warming blend of apple, vanilla and forest scents. Presented in a charming mug, recipients will love lighting this long-burning candle.

Portable Photo Printer

Photo-loving grandparents can print their favorite images straight from their smartphone—even on the go. This easy-to-lug device prints photos onto 2×3 sticky-backed photo paper.

Four Up

Remember when games were played on boards instead of on our phones? Hands-on grandparents can show their grandkids how we used to play with this stunning wood and aluminum version of Connect Four.

Foot Duvets

Nana and Pop’s feet will stay toasty warm in these down stuffed booties! These pillows for your feet are sold in a variety of classic solid hues.

Crystal Clear™ Electric Kettle

Warming up water will be a treat instead of a chore! Made of an easy-to-clean glass, this kettle includes a safety features and a cordless jug.

Eyeglass Holder

Help Grandpa remember exactly where his reading glasses are. This smile-inducing Teakwood nose eyeglass holder is hand-carved.

Bee Raw Honey Flight

An impeccable choice for honey aficionados, recipients will savor each of these honey samples taken from hives in diverse floral settings. Gorgeously packaged in hand corked vials, honey varieties include delectables such as Maine Raspberry and Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover.

People Feeder

Grandparents will enjoy the conversation that unfolds when grandchildren discover this bird-feeder-inspired snack holder. Perfect for candy or nuts the People Feeder is available with either a red or white base.