Cybex e-PRIAM & Spring Blossom Collection


Spring Blossom Collection

Fun, floral and feminine describe Cybex’s new Spring Blossom collection of car seats, strollers and a baby carrier. Jewels and appliqué embellishments add texture to the striking design—this collection truly stands out from the crowd. Opt for a light or dark background.


Ready for a game-changer on the stroller front? The e-PRIAM by Cybex harnesses technology to make stroller rides easier on parents. Handlebar sensors monitor how much effort you’re using to push the stroller, then engages its engines to make the ride easier. The e-PRIAM offers support for up- and downhill climbs as well as for uneven surfaces. The rechargeable battery lasts between 5 to 30 miles. Choose from a range of colors.