Lalo Infertility Assistance Grant & The Chair


Infertility Assistance Grant

Fertility treatments are outrageously expensive, and aren’t covered by most insurance. Baby and toddler brand Lalo aims to ease the financial challenges of infertility by offering a new grant, in partnership with Baby Quest, to help individuals and couples with the cost of fertility procedures. Apply for a grant between now and September 5th.

The Chair

Lalo also just introduced The Chair, a high chair that transitions to a play chair as your child grows. Simple, sleek and easy-to-clean with a dishwasher-safe removable tray and a stain-proof infant cushion, The Chair is available in Coconut, Licorice, Blueberry and Grapefruit.


Lalo Infertility Assistance Grant & The Chair

To learn more about Lalo’s Infertility Assistance Grant, visit the Baby Quest website. For more about The Chair, visit Lalo’s website.