11 Postpartum Must-Haves for Natural-Minded Moms

Most expecting moms spend a lot of time and effort getting ready for our babies, but we don’t always prepare for our own postpartum needsHere’s a list of the top natural care items you’ll want to have on-hand postpartum to save money, avoid chemicals, and promote quicker healing.

Essential oil roller bottles

While the sky is the limit on how many essential oil roller bottles you can create or purchase, many oils  do double duty, so you may just need one or two. I’ve used essential oil roller bottles successfully for post-birth pains, those dreaded hormonal hot flashes, and for lifting my emotions on the overwhelming days. Clary sage and geranium are two great oils you can combine for cramping and hormonal shifts, both after birth and when your period returns.

Herbal Tinctures

Herbs are another natural tool you can use during your postpartum season and beyond to help with the baby blues, boosting immunity or turning down the volume on the over-thinking mom brain. Crunchy moms swear by Wish Garden’s AfterEase for after birth pains.

Cloth pads and nursing pads

Traditional disposable pads often are filled with chemicals, dyes, and perfumes that irritate an already sensitive area– especially after birth. Using cloth is like having a little cloud of luxury down below as you heal. Washing them isn’t a big deal, just throw them in the wash with your towels on a hot setting! Getting a variety of sizes for postpartum is helpful, and bonus–once your period returns you’ll already have made the investment and can keep using them to save more money! Cloth nursing pads are an option as well.


If you’ve ever given birth in a hospital, you may remember the cold packs they put on your nether-region to help numb the aches right after birth. Imagine that, but with superpower essential oils adding to the cooling relief and healing! Padcicles are really simple to make at home, ideally made from toxin-free disposable pads, and adding witch hazel, aloe, and essential oils like frankincense, lavender, or clary sage.

Postpartum spray made with essential oils

Our bottoms deserve some extra love with all the stretching it just did. The New Mama Bottom Spray by Earth Mama Angel Baby is already made for you, or you can make a spray yourself easily using a recipe like this one. I enjoyed adding melaleuca, lavender, helichrysum, and frankincense essential oils to my spray.

Homeopathic remedies for aches

Arnica should be with you at all times– during pregnancy and after. It is great for so many types of aches and issues, and can be helpful with cramping and relieving pain after labor. Taking the tablets is most commonly suggested, but Arnica also comes in other forms like gel, lotion, and oil to apply topically.

A belly binder

After pregnancy, your abs may need some help remembering just where to go. Belly binding is one way to expedite that process and bring healing and support after birth. The bengkung wrap is my favorite.

Natural electrolytes

After all our hard work birthing our new baby, natural electrolytes are key! There are several homemade recipes out there using coconut water, honey, and teas, but I really enjoy the Ultima Replenisher brand that’s easy to just scoop in my water without the extra dyes or sugar of traditional brands.

Placenta pills

In crunchy maternity communities, placentas are talked about often. Though some are turned off by the gross factor, placentas are pretty amazing. They kept our sweet babies alive during their time in womb, and are full of nutrients and benefits after birth, too! I found a huge relief from the baby blues by using placenta pills and tinctures.

Milk boosting supplies

Should you need help boosting your milk supply, having these on hand can keep that little baby tummy happier! I had wonderful results from Euphoric Herbals capsules.

Herbal sitz bath

I remember sitting on those hospital sitz bowls soaking my tush after my first two hospital births. A sits bath aids in cleansing and healing, and really just feels nice on a tender area. However, it can be even more beneficial if you add herbs for their additional healing properties. If you are a DIY type there are many great recipes out there to make an herbal blend yourself, or you can buy one already prepared for you.

Nipple cream

For another sensitive body area that’s trying to adjust to nursing, a nipple cream with healing herbs can be helpful and safe for baby to ingest. Motherlove is one of my favorites, or create your own.

I love spending the last weeks of pregnancy gathering supplies and making these recipes– it gives us mommas something to do while we wait! Then I like to store many of these items within reach in my bedside postpartum basket while I rest after birth and treasure those newborn baby snuggles.