3 Essential Tips to Restore Pre-Baby Abs

In addition to diet and exercise, there are small steps every mom can incorporate into her daily routine to help restore her core:

1. Tighten the abdominal muscles toward the spine EVERY TIME you lift your baby, push open a heavy door, or perform any other physical exertion.

Doing so will help restore fit and healthy abs as you move throughout the day. This simple technique also protects your back and strengthens your pelvic floor due to a synergistic co-contraction of deep core muscles.

2. Think “SEXY!” every time you lie down or get up!

Sitting straight up and lying straight back places excessive pressure on the abdominal wall, pushing the muscles apart and widening your waistline. To avoid this, always roll to the side (which is also far sexier!) when getting up or lying down.

3. Avoid front & center, vertically aligned baby carriers!

These carriers place the weight of the baby along your midline, stressing the connective tissue that stretched during the pregnancy, widening your waist and pushing abdominal muscles further apart. If your life demands a front-loading baby carrier, choose one that orients the baby diagonally or consider wearing a corset underneath to mitigate stress on the abdominal wall.