5 Things to Do With Your Instagram Pics

If you’re anything like me, chances are your Instagram feed is essentially a shrine to your child(ren) and everything single cute thing they do. Because if you don’t capture it with a photo and ‘gram it, it didn’t happen, right ;)? But—those photos are so cute, they need to be saved or stored somewhere other than Instagram! Here are a few ideas on what to do with your Instagram pics:


1. Print a Chatbook. I think Chatbooks are just the coolest thing. It takes your Instagram feed and prints a 60-page, 6″x6″ book from every 60 ‘grams you post. The books are gorgeous and look great on your coffee table. The best part? Each 60-page book is just $6. Find out more about Chatbooks and it different printing options here.


2. Create an InstaCalendar. Persnickety Prints takes your Instagram pictures and turns them into a 4″x8″, wire-bound calendar. At only $15, these InstaCalendars would make fun gifts for Dad for Father’s Day or grandparents any time of year.


3. Turn it into a magnet. Print Shop (formerly Printstagram) gives you the ability to take your Instagram images and turn them into round or square magnets. The price point is fabulous, too—you can get a set 15 one-inch round magnets for $12 or a set of 10 two-inch square magnets for $14.


4. Blow it up as a wall canvas. CanvasPop allows you turn your tiny square Insta pics into canvas prints as large as 20″x20″.


5. Print them as photostrips. Another fabulous product from Print Shop—photobooth-like photo strips with four pics (nine strips per order, total of 36 pics). If you’re in the mood for a DIY, try this one from The College Prepster.


Speaking of Instagram, check out my list of who to follow to fill your feed with some amazing inspiration, laughs and all-around good ‘grams. See the list here.