5 Wifi-Enabled Coffee Makers That Are A Mother’s Dream

Every night, before I turn in for my super restful full night of eight hours of beauty sleep (hahaha just kidding, I have four kids), there is one important task that I do to ensure that I will be able to survive the early morning hours:

I grind my coffee beans, load up my coffee maker, and program that bad boy to start brewing while I’m still slumbering, luring me out of my warm and cozy bed and downstairs to my computer, where I am able to make money to buy more coffee. (I mean, that’s the point of living, right?)

I depend on knowing that my coffee is ready to go because without it, I am useless in the morning. The mornings that I’m too tired to load up the machine or forget to program it always seem to be the mornings that end up going horribly. My husband has also grown accustomed to his piping hot thermos of coffee to take to his out-of-the-home job, so on the mornings I see him rushing out of the door empty-handed, I feel awful. There’s just something about waking up to that fresh pot that starts out day off right.

Which is why I almost fell over right in front of my ancient coffee pot when I realized that there is such a thing as a “smart” coffee maker. It’s like these things were designed just for mothers, who need their own personal baristas in their kitchen. And hair stylists and chefs and house cleaners…whoops, got carried away there. The point is, smart coffee makers are Wi-Fi enabled and let you grind, brew, and schedule your morning fuel much more seamlessly.

Smarter Coffee Machine

The Smarter Coffee Machine claims to be the world’s first smart coffee maker that is Wi-Fi enabled and houses its own bean grinder, which means you can get the freshest cup of coffee ever, no matter where you are. I think I’m in love and it’s not with my husband. (Shhh….)

You can also customize how strong you like your coffee, how many cups to make, and how long to keep the carafe warm, all from your phone. This thing is so genius I’m convinced every mom should get one when they leave the hospital. Plus, it’s so streamlined and pretty I want one in every room of my house. A mom can dream, right?

Smarter Coffee

Mr. Coffee, Wi-Fi Enabled


Mr. Coffee is synonymous with the world of coffee makers, but Mr. Coffee just got super smart, so I’m assuming we should go ahead and switch the name to Ms. Coffee…

But seriously. This Wi-Fi enabled coffee pot syncs with your phone and lets you set a brewing schedule or adjust it as you need, from your phone. The Mr. Coffee version does not grind beans for you, so you will have to set up the coffee and filter before you program. But if you’re laying in bed and want to brew, you can get a fresh pot started from your phone. Or if you get a text that your mother-in-law is on her way over and you want the coffee to be waiting, you can schedule it right from the pick-up line at school. Most impressive.

This smart coffee pot also has its own water filtration system for the best-tasting coffee and a sturdy, stainless steel pot that lets your java stay warmer longer.



Behmor Connected Coffee Pot

Reviews note that this coffee pot is a bit slow on brewing time, but it may just be worth the wait. Like the other smart coffee pots, you can brew from you phone and this option also lets you pre-heat the water before brewing. Actually, I don’t know why that’s important, but you still have that option if that’s your jam.




If you’re looking for a fancy-schmancy coffee maker that is truly the best of the best, the Orenda is right for you. This coffee maker is so fancy it’s not even available on the market yet — pre-orders are being taken now and orders will ship in June of 2017.

You might have to be the world’s biggest coffee snob to get into this maker and be cool with only brewing one cup at a time, but if that’s your sort of thing, I could see how this brewer would seriously glam up the life of any at-home mom. (Although you might feel a little silly reheating this cup in the microwave? Or maybe that’s just me…) Feature of this brewer include: a built-in stainless steel burr grinder to preserve the oils of the bean, the ability to use any beans you want, and the ability to customize everything about your cup, including how much caffeine you want in it. You know, for the days the baby just doesn’t sleep.  




If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the BrewGenie is a smaller coffeepot that promises to do what its more powerful counterparts do. You can program and brew right from your phone through an app and if the chance your pot is out of water, the app will also stop brewing and warn you.