CBD 101 For Moms and Expecting Parents  

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Being a mom is the best job on Earth, but it can have its flaws. And for that, more and more women are turning to Cannabidiol, or CBD, a chemical compound in Cannabis that is known to help relieve stress and pain — without the psychoactive effect of THC.

CBD products are therapeutic. They provide pain relief, anti-inflammation and can help moms de-stress. Medically, it offers a unique set of properties that have shown incredible healing potential for treating a number of issues affecting women; like menstrual cramps, morning sickness and menopause. Ongoing research has furthered our understanding of the cannabinoid and more women are turning to CBD as an option to treat various health conditions.

Yet despite legalization, cannabis still carries this stigma that makes women refrain from it, perhaps due to a lack of understanding and awareness about how to obtain or use it.

So, let’s clear the air about what CBD isn’t…and is.

CBD is one of 100+ chemical compounds (called cannabinoids) that are found in the Cannabis plant, which produces both marijuana and hemp. Hemp naturally grows with very little THC content. As of December 20, 2018 the signing of the Farm Bill allows CBD supplements derived from the Hemp plant. You do not get a head high from CBD, there are no psychoactive effects like its infamous chemical cousin THC. No matter how much CBD you consume, it cannot get you high.

That said, CBD is still in its infancy with no regulations in place, and consumers need to be well educated. It is currently the manufacturers decision to be transparent. From a customer standpoint, this means that it’s essential to know everything you can about the products you buy before you trust a company.

At Come Back Daily, New York CIty’s most trusted CBD retailer, we offer only the best CBD products for your health. Whether you’re expecting, a mother of two or seeking a new alternative to battle stress, insomnia or muscle pain, you’ll know all our products are pure, safe, legal and non-psychoactive.

Steven Phan is a first-generation Asian American that has worked in the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. In this time, he found the need for a peer-to-peer community to overcome decades of stigma and become more familiarized with the green plant. This idea was the driving force behind Quad Duece Nil, founded in 2014, the lifestyle brand was his first successful endeavor.

In November 2018, Steven opened Come Back Daily, New York City’s first educational and experiential CBD retail store located on Broadway in Tribeca. The zen space is designed to be inviting and encourage customer interaction and sampling of a highly curated selection of products. From beauty creams and skincare treatments to oils, capsules and edibles- they have exceptional health benefits. Now with a second location on 5th Avenue, Uptown you can find him at either treating patients and consulting clients to build a more educated community.

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