Archived: Keep Toys Off The Floor: A Parent’s Guide To Small Space Living

Living in a small space is tricky for anyone. With kids, it becomes a much bigger challenge to live comfortably in an apartment, or even a small home; there are toys everywhere, and in minutes, rooms can go from perfectly organized to looking like they were hit by a mini-tornado.

Fortunately, while it’s a challenge, it’s not impossible to have a comfortable home in a small living space even with kids. We put together a list of our favorite tricks to maximize your space and get all the toys off your floor.

1. Repurpose A Shoe Organizer – This isn’t the most original idea, but it’s an incredibly effective one. Stick a shoe organizer on the inside of your closet door and use it to keep action figures, dolls, stuffed animals, and art supplies neatly sorted and easily accessible!

shoeorganizer shoeorganizertwo

  1. Make Your Toy Storage Do Double Work! – Fill an old footlocker or hope chest with toys or costumes and then use it as a coffee table too. You can probably find a beautiful vintage chest at a local thrift or antique store for under $100, but if you don’t have any luck thrifting, you can also build your own!


3. Become Captain Hook – Hooks are an incredibly versatile tool for maximizing your space. Standard coat hooks are great for hanging coats and backpacks, but you can get creative and also install wall-mounts for anything from a violin to a skateboard! There’s no better way to encourage your child to regularly practice an instrument than to keep it in plain sight where it’s easily accessible.

hookonwall skateboards

4. Use Magnets For A Modern Look – There’s nothing worse than stepping on a toy car in the middle of the night as you walk to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Magnetic strips are a great way to encourage your child to stick toy cars, trains, and any other metal toys right on the wall while giving your home a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. You can find the magnets at Ikea for around $15. Urbio’s magnetic wall organizers are a similarly cutting-edge solution for storing art supplies and smaller toys.

carmagnets deskonwall

5. Keep Legos Under Control – Legos are a favorite with kids and parents, because the building blocks inspire creativity and help with fine motor skills. They’re also notoriously messy, and it’s never easy getting your child to crawl around picking up pieces for more than a few minutes. Fortunately, you can get an ingenious lego playmat, which doubles as a storage solution. So long as the legos stay on the playmat, cleaning them up is a cinch (literally)! Just tighten the drawstring and hang the sack of Legos from a hook on the wall.

legostorage legostoragecircles

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, for less than $50 you can build your own DIY lego table using mostly items available at Ikea!

If you have any other tricks for keeping a clean floor with kids around, let us know in the comments!

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