Tips for Booking the Right Hotel for your Family

One of the most essential things you should properly plan for when you go on an adventure with your little one is booking the right hotel for your family. Staying in the right hotel can make all the difference in your trip. Here are a few things to consider as you do your research.


When you are traveling to a certain destination it is important to consider the location of the property. For example, if you are visiting a city, you might not want to be located next to a place with a lot of noise such as a train station or town square. On the other hand, you might want to select a property that is within walking distance from main attractions and public transportation. Consider what elements will be important to you during your trip and locate properties that meet the criteria. You can use tools like google maps to research walking distances properties have from places of interest and that can help you to also determine which hotel would be best for you.

Room Type

The type of room that you reserve can have a big impact on your stay. It is important to consider how large your family is and how much space you will need. Also, duration of your stay should be taken into consideration. Especially if your stay is longer you want to have ample room for you and your baby to move around. Many hotel chains now have suite hotels that offer larger rooms with a sitting area, kitchenette and bedroom. These suite style rooms are available at the price of many standard rooms at other chains and can be a very convenient option for families. Another option for families is reserving adjoining rooms that are connected with a door. This also allows for having more room. Many hotels offer accessible rooms, which is important to note for family travel. Think your room selection through and find the best option for you.


When selecting a hotel it is important to review the amenities available to you as a guest. Each hotel is different but contemplate the things that matter to you when traveling. For example, some basic amenities would be air conditioning, hair dryer and coffee maker. Additional amenities to consider would be free wifi, pool, free on sight parking, free breakfast and in room recycling bins. During your time away from home, you should be in a place that makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Family Friendly Services

Each hotel offers different family friendly services. If you plan to travel light, be sure to inquire when making your reservation if your hotel has baby beds (cribs) available to utilize during your stay. This is a very helpful option that many hotels offer, but usually they only have a limited number of cribs available so be sure to reserve early. Also, depending on your location many hotels have “kid clubs” available, almost like a camp style activity program for children staying in their hotel who are within a certain age group. In addition, many hotels offer in room babysitting. One of the best family friendly services a hotel can offer is the expertise of a great concierge. With the help of the concierge you can learn about important sites to visit, family friendly dining options and sometimes they can provide free tickets to local events.

Cancellation Policy

As with everything in family travel, always prepare for the unexpected. Know the cancellation policy of your hotel or company that you booked your stay with. Sometimes travel plans get cancelled and you do not want to get stuck paying for a trip that you don’t take. Research the cancellation policy of your hotel and keep that information on hand in case you need to reference it closer to your departure.

A great hotel can make your trip even more memorable. When traveling with your little ones you want to be comfortable and at ease where you are staying. Be sure to prepare by researching the properties properly. After doing the right research all you will have left to do when you arrive is enjoy the adventure.


Image via Flickr User William Warby