Why Yumble Makes Our Tummies Rumble (In a Good Way!)

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As a working mom of five kids, ages twelve down to two years old, to say my life is busy and exhausting is an understatement. When seasons of sports are upon us, it can feel like we are barely home. Meeting our basic necessities feels like a near-impossible feat some days. Yet, somehow it all gets done. Sometimes that means compromising on my nutrition standards though: Takeout meals after games, pizza delivered when I’m too tired to even leave the house, something frozen thrown onto a pan and into the oven. I’ll admit it, as a self-proclaimed “crunchy mom,” I sometimes throw my nutrition rules out of the window for the sake of my sanity on certain days.

Yumble’s creator and founder, Joanna, is a mom of three and feels my pain, like most moms out there. The struggle is real to find a balance of nutrition with the reality of life’s schedule and time restraints. After creating kid-friendly recipes, gaining support from moms, and pitching her idea on Shark Tank, Joanna has offered us a solution through her vision of Yumble. Her mission of having stress-free meal time and making healthy eating fun for kids gets a resounding, “yes!” for me. Turns out my kids approve, too — all five of them!



So, what is Yumble?

With boxed delivery meals all the rage right now, Yumble is different because it is tailored specifically to kid’s taste buds and moms who need convenient wholesome nutrition without the cooking. All the food is seasonal, mostly organic, and meat is antibiotic free and hormone free! Best part? You don’t even have to cook, momma! With sixty seconds in the microwave, healthy kids meals are ready to be served to both your pickiest and adventurous eaters. Meals arrive at your door weekly ready to go– but can easily be paused, skipped, or canceled anytime. You can pick between six, twelve, and twenty four meals depending on how often your child needs a meal or how many kids will be using them.

There are over twenty meals and snacks to choose from on their kids meals menu, which are filled with kid favorites and hilarious names like Yes Please Mac n Cheese to encouraging new flavors like Bean-A-Rito with sweet potato mash. We have some food allergies in my family, so knowing that we can pick meals specific for our dietary needs is very helpful. They cater to dairy free, egg free, gluten free, and vegetarian healthy kid’s meals as well. And let me tell you, the flavors are awesome!

Our box arrived on Friday afternoon while we were away, but it still was perfectly cold thanks to its well-insulated box and the two giant freezer packs (which, will be awesome to re-use this summer for the pool or beach!). My kids were so excited to open the fun, colorful box and see what all was inside. Along with the six different meals, there was a packet filled with subscription information for me, plus coloring sheets of lovable Yumble characters, collecting cards, reward charts, and Yumble plastic coins to earn towards prizes. I love the idea of using the chart and coins to reward picky eaters for trying new things! Honestly, the prizes were my children’s favorite part and they couldn’t wait to earn more coins.


But, what did the kids think?

Of course, it all sounds great on paper, but the real test is what kids think. Will they actually eat it? My answer is yes, it meets and even exceeds the kid taste-test. All five of my kids found something they loved in the meal they chose, and the bites they sampled off their siblings’ Yumble kids meals. It was a fun game for us to try these new foods! They initially made funny faces as they explored and tried foods, but ultimately each of them ended with, “This is so good!” My four-year-old even did a dance about it. A few refused to eat the vegetables, but they did all at least try them, which I consider a win. The dinner table power struggle is alive in our house. The reward coins could come in handy here.

We enjoyed trying out these meals:

  • Pizza Pocket with mashed potatoes and cheesy broccoli
  • Taco Bowl with rice, corn, and green beans
  • Bowl of Yays (baked rotini)
  • Egg-Cellent Choice with hashbrowns
  • Chicken Pops with green beans and mashed potatoes
  • Chicken Enchilada

I tried them all, and really, they are all delicious. My favorite was the eggs with hashbrowns. It was outstanding. Like, restaurant quality flavor and I wished I had more than my daughter’s leftovers! That’s the one my four-year-old danced over as well. My pre-teen loved the taco bowl and ate it all with some tortilla chips we had in the pantry. It truly tasted homemade. My toddler and extra picky five-year-old enjoyed the chicken pops– and what’s more fun that eating a chicken nugget on a stick?! My eight-year-old enjoyed the cheese pizza pocket and loved how fun that was to eat. He especially loved the cheesy mashed potatoes, which says a lot from a boy who doesn’t eat mashed potatoes that I make! My toddler sampled some of everything; she still eats everything in sight so this feast of meals and new flavors was a delight to her big belly. She ate everyone’s green beans and any leftovers they had!

Why does Yumble make our tummies rumble?

We all want more, that’s why! We look forward to more meals with Yumble because the high-quality meals met our taste buds with glee and they made such a fun way to enjoy food! It’s a win-win for my sanity and for their happy bellies, without compromising nutrition. As a mom that is transitioning into full time working hours, I can see this being an easy solution to send to daycare for my younger kids. I prep enough lunches and dinners as it is! This leaves out the prepwork and is easy to grab before heading out the door– or when I’m just exhausted at dinner time. I love knowing that it’s an effortless, healthy option that my kids will eat! Whether you are a working mom, or a busy soccer mom, the convenience and sanity of one less to-do is worth it.

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