10 Gifts You Can Receive Simply For Buying Diapers

This post is sponsored by Pampers. All opinions are our own.


Freebies. I’m all about them. Who isn’t?

I’ve been part of the Pampers Rewards program for over 10 years as a mom of 5 children. I know, I know – that’s a lot of kids and a lot of diapers! But, whether you have 1 child or 10, Pampers products make buying diapers a little more fun when you know you are getting something back in return. Plus, you can’t beat the quality that Pampers offers your precious baby’s tush!


Also, did you know that there is now a new Pampers Rewards app? Get ready to simplify your life! Download the new app here and get 100 points just for downloading it and signing up. And then receive another 50 points after you scan your first code. You will now be able to scan your Pampers Rewards code, make earning points easier and pamper your baby with amazing toys from the rewards catalog. What are you waiting for?


Here are 10 awesome prizes you can redeem your Pampers Rewards points for:


March of Dimes Donation (10 points)

Sometimes giving is better than receiving! For every 10 Pampers Rewards Points you redeem, Pampers will give $0.10 to March of Dimes.


My Box of Dreams/Songs for Naptime (150 points)

With these soothing songs, the transition from play to sleep can be a calmer process for all.


Shutterfly Prints Package (500 points)

No matter how often you see your baby, you can never get enough. Exchange your points with this amazing package from Shutterfly to print more of those precious moments.


1 Year Subscription to Parents Magazine (1250 points)

In those rare, but glorious quiet times – like, ahem, mom’s own bathroom breaks – magazines are the perfect gift to reward yourself with a little time to read about the latest in parenting tips.


$10.00 Pampers Diapers Coupon (1300 points)

Every little bit counts if you are trying to save money! $10 off Pampers products for those on a budget like me towards those motherhood necessities? Yes, please.


Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 Count with Me (1600 points)

My children adore books, but I especially love a book that teaches my children their fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.


Manhattan Toy Wobble Around Beads (1800 points)

My kids gravitate towards these at doctors’ offices – don’t yours? I love that it is a simple, but educational toy. Why not own one for free thanks to your reward points?


Alex Magnetic Boats in the Tub (2400 points)

Our little ones love to play with toys in the bathtub, so why not get them this adorable three-piece boat set that connects – for free!


Pampers Swaddlers size 4, 70 count box (4200 points)

I have two kids in diapers right now, spending around $84 a month to cover their little tushes. Anyone else feel like a free box of diapers would be like a huge gift from the budget gods above?


Kiddi-O Trike (9800 points)

This could be the ultimate potty training prize for your kiddo! While it may take some serious saving over time, the fun your child will have on this gift – completely free to you – will be worth it. This trike comes in blue and pink.


Of course, there are many more to select from that will fit your own desires. With the new Pampers Rewards app, it is now incredibly easy to scan the codes found on all Pampers products and instantly start adding up the points. Spend your points fast on smaller items or save them up for the bigger prizes – you get to decide! Either way, you can’t beat getting to pick out your own freebies simply by buying diapers.


Note: Rewards are subject to change and can vary based on availability.