10 Ways Christmas is Different After Having Kids

1. Before Kids:

You spend hours decorating the tree so that every last branch is sparkling. All of those expensive glass ornaments are hanging nicely all over the tree for everyone to see and admire.

   After Kids:

Your tree is only decorated from the top up because you want to make sure the toddler won’t come over and pull them down. If you want to have it really off-limits you put a child gate around it and call it the new “tree skirt.” 

2. Before Kids: 

You take your time wrapping each gift perfectly with bows and ribbon and custom name tags. You place them under the tree so that all of your guests can tell you what a wonderul job you did wrapping.

   After Kids: 

You spend all night in a marathon wrapping session trying to wrap mishapen toys only to try to find a spot in the house to hide the presents so that the kids can’t find them.

3. Before Kids: 

You laugh at the parents at the mall willing to wait hours to see Santa.

   After Kids:

You are now that parent. 

4. Before Kids: 

Christmas morning starts off as a relaxing one and you wake up after sleeping in only to wander into the kitchen for a cup of hot coffee. You then settle on the couch to slowly watch everyone open their gifts and chat about each one.

   After Kids: 

You are awaken at 5:00am to kids tugging at your arm to go and see what’s under the tree. You pour yourself a cup of coffee but the kids are so excited about opening gifts that you forget about the cup and watch them open all of their gifts in a matter of seconds. 

5. Before Kids: 

You make sure to get in every single Christmas photo.

   After Kids: 

You make sure that your kids are in every single Christmas photo.

6. Before Kids:

All of your Christmas shopping for others is done ahead of time stress-free and is completely relaxing.

  After Kids: 

Gift shopping is anything but relaxing. You’re trying to find that Frozen toy that is at the top of your child’s list as well as everyone elses and are completely okay with pushing someone out of the way to get the very last one on the shelf.

7. Before Kids: 

Christmas dinner is prepared with Christmas music playing in the background and served on your fancy china. 

   After Kids: 

The music can’t be heard over the sounds of kids laughing and running around and dinner is now served on your everyday dinnerware. You just feel lucky if you get to eat it while it’s hot! 

8. Before Kids: 

You spend hours admiring and playing with your Christmas gifts.

   After Kids: 

You spend hours putting all of their Christmas gifts together and searching high and low in the house for extra batteries because you forgot to buy some ahead of time. 

9. Before Kids: 

You take your annual mid-day nap. Unwrapping gifts and eating a big meal is exhausting.

   After Kids: 

Nap? What nap?

10. Before Kids:

Totally and completely boring.

  After Kids:

The most heart-warming, fun, and best thing ever! 


 (Image via Flickr user Ben Grey)