17 Baby and Toddler Products to Look Out for in 2015

The baby and toddler industry continues to advance when it comes to products they are making. Even within the last five years of being a parent, there have been major strides in many of the baby products that I’ve owned. I am very thankful to those in the industry who strive to make a product that will make my life easier as a parent. 

This week we had the chance to check out some of the new and upcoming baby and toddler products that will hit shelves in 2015. If you are expecting in the new year or just want to update your baby gear, take a look at some of the new and innovative products to look out for next year! 

Orbit Baby jogger “O2”

For those of you that love your Orbit Baby Stroller, now you have some of those same luxuries as you take a run with your little one! There are two settings on the O2, a city mode that allows the seat to sit higher up, and the performance mode which puts the seat lower to the ground. The O2 is compatible with your existing Orbit Baby seats, so no need to rush out and purchase a new seat! And just like the Orbit G-series strollers, the seat rotates 360 degrees allowing baby to face forward or towards you without having to take off the seat. The wheels are big and durable and there is an option of making the front wheel a swivel or locked into a straight jog. 

Available Summer 2015


bugaboo runner

Compatible with your existing Bugaboo seat, no matter what model you have. The Bugaboo Runner lets your child face either forward or face you. This frame is designed purely for jogging, so simply take off your seat from your Bugaboo and snap it in the Runner and go!

Available Spring 2015

Nuna Leaf Wind

We love the Nuna Leaf for the smooth motion that it gives baby as it rocks back and forth. While we enjoy all it takes it a push to get your baby moving back and forth, we are thrilled with the new option that Nuna has released to keep your Leaf swaying. The Wind is a small motor that attaches to all Nuna Leafs and automates it! There’s a built-in light with three adjustments, and there are six speed options. 

Available Early 2015



doona Infant Car Seat

The Doona is a carseat and a stroller in one. Yes-It’s a carseat on wheels! The infant car seat transforms into a mobility system. It’s super light at 17lbs and can hold a baby up to 35lbs. The seat can be installed in the car with or without the base. the handlebar extends for strolling comfortably and has a ton of accessory options i.e. adding a diaper bag with a smart locking system so you don’t have the “tip” issue as well as storage bags, rain cover, sunshade extender, vehicle seat protecter. This is a great product for parents always on-the-go! 

Available Early 2015

uppababy vista

There are so many great new features to the UPPAbaby Vista. The new model can transform from a single to a double and can hold two UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seats or bassinets at once, which is great for parents of twins! The new Vista also has a new one-step fold, similar to the CRUZ, which is super easy and intuitive. 

Available in 2015

uppababy g-link double stroller

This is the first double umbrella stroller from UPPAbaby! The UPPAbaby G-Link double stroller has every awesome feature parents love on their UPPAbaby G-Luxe, including the full recline, UV shade and great colors–but now with the ability to stroll with two little ones! The stroller weighs less than 20 pounds and can hold up to 50 pounds in each seat. 

Available in 2015

Baby jogger vue double stroller

Everything that you loved about your Baby Jogger Vue is now coming in a double version!  This light-weight stroller has independent reversible seats which allows your little ones to face you or face the world (or have one face you and the other face outward.) 

Available in 2015

cybex cloud q

The Cybex Cloud Q is a revolutionary infant car seat that allows your child to be fully reclined when using it as a travel system. With the longer leg rest and a seat that is fully reclined in a flat position, it allows your little one to travel comfortably in an ergonomically correct position. 

Available in 2015


Cybex Priam 

The Cybex Priam stroller is one for parents who love a little bit of luxury. The light weight frame is compatible with all Cybex infant car seats making it a great travel system and it even has different wheels based on the terrain you want to take. Plan on taking it through the snow? Don’t worry because there are ski attachments for the front wheels. 

Available in 2015


Luca and Company Fun Pod High Chair

This unique high chair grows with your six month old baby through the pre-school years. There is a chair inside where your baby can sit in the mini pod chair on the floor. The slats in the high chair adjust according to your child’s height – this high chair gets your kids helping out in the kitchen from early on.

Available January 2015


Lillebaby Woven wrap 

Whining two year old? Carry your toddler (up to 50 lbs.) in style with Lillebaby’s new carrier. The teal color is perfect for boy/girl and gives a lot of support with the abundance of material.

Available Early 2015


Silikids siliskins

We are loving these silicone cup covers and grippy spoons for our little ones. I mean, how often are you wiping and crying over spilled beverages? After bedtime, they even stretch over martini glasses!

Available November 2014 


puj filla cup

The only hangable cup for kids. Never will your child’s cup get lost again NOR will you have to find a cup when your child asks you for water. We love the independence that the Filla cup provides.

Available January 2015


clek infant insert

Now your baby (starting at 5 lbs.) can ride in style in his Foonf with the new infant insert. Your baby’s head will be fully protected and comfy too.

Available January 2015


Boon Soak

A tub that will grow with your baby. The Soak fits newborns, infants, and toddlers and can fit in most sinks. We love the adjustable bump that helps you position your baby. And the non-slip foam is an added bonus!  

Available March 2015


Fisher-Price Ultra-lite day & nite Play yard

This play yard only weighs 15 pounds but still has all the same great play yard features for truly portable use! It has a bassinet mode with a seat the same incline as the popular Rock n’ Play Sleeper. 

Available January 2015

4moms mamaroo

The newly updated mamaroo has a new look with a touch pad screen, new printed fabric and the best part, there is an app for that! You can control the speed, turn on/off, increase the volume, all on your smart phone! 

Available in 2015