17 Real Moms Share Their Parenting New Year’s Resolutions

I, like many others, am very ready to put 2016 behind me and start anew. While there are many things I would like to improve in my life in the upcoming year, the one aspect I really want to change is my parenting. I want to enjoy my children more, because I am seeing firsthand how quickly my three kids are growing up before my eyes. I want to be a better mother, be more present and be happy – but how exactly am I supposed to accomplish those lofty goals? These real moms share their concrete parenting resolutions to be happier, healthier parents in the new year:

  1. More one on one time with my older girls especially and to stop complaining all the gosh darn time about how stressed I am. Either outsource something so I’m not stressed or just suck it up already, because even I get tired of it! – Chaunie Brusie, 30, mom of four kids, aged 8-2
  2. Try to be more mindful of the time I spend with my son. This means not constantly looking at my smart phone or worrying about the latest email from work. I’d like to be more present and grateful for our small moments together. – Cindy Lamothe, 32, 1 kid
  3. To be more active with my kids. Playing soccer on the weekends, playing at the park. enjoying the walk to/from school. – Rebecca Alwine, 32 years old, 3 kids
  4. Have more tech-free days where we all abandon our phones and tablets so we can spend time together as a family without the distractions. – Kristel Acevedo, 31, two kids 5 and 3.
  5. Put my phone down when I’m playing with my daughter. – Nora Luongo, 40, 1 kid 3yo
  6. To pause more with my daughter. Even when I’m playing with her I’m always trying to get something else done. I want to be better about taking a break for a cuddle or to read, or anything else she needs. – Kelly Burch, 27, with 1 kid.
  7. Make eating veggies fun … they need it and so do I! – Gretchen Bossio, 30, mom of 3, ages 1, 4, 6
  8. I resolve to be more “in the moment” with my kids. I’m always stressing about the grown up stuff or the schedule or even just the details of whatever we’re doing. I’d like to focusing on being more present and just enjoying my kids. – Ashley Austrew, 29, 2 kids ages 2 & 5
  9. To connect more. Play board games, read together, or even simply sit and talk. We move around constantly and I’ve noticed a separation. (47 with 2 kids)
  10. I need to be a better adult for my children to model. My 11 year old son is so similar to me, that he and I have a mood cycle, and we butt heads a lot during the downward part of the month. I recognize this is a pattern, but only after it has happened. I feel like if I take better care of myself, show him how to be more self sufficient and responsible it will play itself out and we will both have an easier time of it. We are nearing the teen years and I would like to have some methods in place for coping. I have another son, he is 8 and will benefit from this as well even though he is the more self reliant of them. – Kelley Gilbert, 37, 2 kids 8 + 11
  11. To let the messes go. I follow behind my kids like the little cleaning robot in Wall-E. I would love to just wait until they’re in bed for the night to clean. I’d have so much more patience and be less cranky if I just left the crumbs on the floor, knowing more are coming. – Jin Lehr, 25, 2 kids 2 + 1yo
  12. Sleep training! I’m absolutely loving cosleeping but my husband refuses to sleep in bed with us, so he has been sleeping elsewhere for 6 months. It’s time to teach this baby to sleep without mom and hopefully through the night! – Caitlin Tetzlaff, 28, 1 kid
  13. I would like start making it out of bed in the morning before my kids. Even if I just get up early enough to have a cup of coffee and check me emails alone, it makes such a difference on how the first part of our day goes–mainly because I’m in a better mood.- Mary Sauer, 27
  14. I need to be more patient. My kid is a control freak just like me and one of us has got to budge. I think if I budge a little more than she’ll have an easier time with it too! – Kristen Baker, 31
  15. No work at all on the weekends. Weekends are for family time only in 2017. I have already started this and it has actually saved my sanity and been a lot more fun for my daughter. – Sabrina James, 1 daughter Kaia age 10
  16. We are cutting down on sugar and cracking down on dental hygiene! A dentist appointment revealed a cavity in my older son’s baby tooth and I was caught totally off guard. – Alice Gomstyn, 2 kids ages 4 and 6
  17. I want to spend more time exploring nature with my kids, especially by going on family hikes. – Jennifer Malia of Munchkin Treks, 3 kids ages 2, 3 and 4