2015: Looking Back at the Year

As 2015 comes to an end, it marks the end to the 11th year for Big City Moms. We are so incredibly thankful for our Big City Moms Community. It’s you that have made this year one that was not only spectacular, but one we will always remember. We love meeting each and every one of you at the expectant moms dinners, Biggest Baby Showers, on the streets of NYC and beyond, and even online!  Thank you for sharing your lives with us. From the   baby photos we see of your new bundle of joy to you using the gear you received at our events, we are always so overjoyed to see your special moments and that we could be a part of it.  And to the wonderful companies we work with, we are so incredibly thankful for all of you! 

The Biggest Baby Shower is one of our favorite events throughout the year all across the country. We love meeting soon-to-be “Big City Moms.” This year, we were fortunate to produce Biggest Baby Showers in Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston and of course, our two local Showers in New York City. In 2015 we celebrated our 32nd Biggest Baby Shower and loved every minute of meeting over 5,000 of you! We can’t wait to meet even more of you in 2016!

Big City Moms photos - baby showers parties

Our Biggest Baby Showers were filled with so many notable speakers and brands that shared with us their invaluable knowledge. The time that they took to share their experiences and help us all become better parents is truly a gift! 

And while we wish we could have met all of you while we traveled across the country, we loved being able to virtually say hello online!  

Each year our social media community grows and we are constantly amazed by the people that we interact with. Hearing from you everyday makes our job so much more exciting. Knowing we have your support from all across the country gives us the inspiration we need to make Big City Moms grow into something bigger and better! 

Our Facebook community has made us laugh and cry with your responses to the questions of the day. This year we launched Facebook Live and had the best time being able to chat with you real time!


The BCM team is headed back to NYC! Sharing some of our favorite moments and what to expect in the next couple of weeks. #BCMatABC

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Big City Moms on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


From our time spent in Las Vegas checking out brand new baby gear to meeting all of the wonderful brands at our Biggest Baby Shower, we were so excited to be able to experience it with you at home!

Our Instagram community makes us smile with all of the photos you share of your time at our events or the new Big City Babies that you have welcomed this year. We love the daily conversations we have with you on Twitter and are so inspired by all of you on our Pinterest page! 

The Big City Moms Blog continues to share amazing content that all parents can relate to. Our talented contributors bring us to those moments in parenthood that make us laugh and make us cry. The stories have us nodding our heads because we’ve been there before. We’ve had posts that have answered some of those questions we ask ourselves all the time. From posts that put mom-shaming down to baby products that you have to look forward to, and even the truths from fellow moms on what it’s like during those first few months of motherhood, our contributors have created content that make us feel a like we are all in this together throughout this journey of parenthood. 

As this year of Big City Moms comes to a close, we want to thank those that are most important to us – YOU! We could have never imagined how much of an impact you could have on our lives. But now, 11 years later, we have you to thank for changing our lives for the better. When you come to our Expectant Events, Biggest Baby Showers, New Mom Support Groups, and even chat with us online looking for support and knowledge to help you on your upcoming endeavour as new parents, but what you don’t realize is that you are helping us become better parents as well. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Big City Moms Team - Lauren Jimeson, Leslie Venokur, Emily Weiss, Risa Goldberg, Ilysia Belosa, Samantha Bartfield

From all of us at Big City Moms, HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

SEE YOU IN 2016!