3 Struggles Breastfeeding Moms Can Overcome When Returning To Work

In light of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, it’s important to understand how nursing fits into every new mother’s day-to-day life. Returning to a busy work atmosphere can be difficult for moms who need to nurse their newborns. With challenges like incorrect supplies and lack of breastfeeding education, busy moms may feel frustrated and give up completely. A study by the Center for Disease Control revealed that 75% of new moms begin breastfeeding, but only 33% maintain nursing after three months. By six months, only 13% continued to nurse. Many negative factors can drive mothers to forget about nursing all together but with the correct materials and attitude, working mothers can confidently nurse for their baby on a timely schedule that works for them and their employer.

  1. Preparation and Education

It is important for a new mother to understand different types of nursing supplies as some can be confusing at first. Be sure to research different types of breast pumps and how they can make the work day easier. It is crucial to be proactive about issues that could arise while breastfeeding or pumping. Get in contact with nurses at lactation centers for extra support and tips. Online centers like La Leche League can also provide helpful tips and solutions to problems a mother may come across. It may seem difficult to grow accustomed to breastfeeding but with practice, a mother can confidently nurse in public.

  1. Inform Your Workplace

Dealing with breastfeeding or pumping when returning to work can be awkward but remember, mothers are authorized to break times as well as an appropriate area for pumping. Set up a schedule so bosses can be comfortable with a mother stepping out at times. After all, it is for the best. Mothers have the right to care for their babies so if any situations stir, HR can help out by referring to the Business Case For Breastfeeding. Make sure to inform the workplace before retuning so the first day back will run smoothly.

  1. Be Confident in Returning

After having time off to nurture an infant, it may be a shock to return to a busy atmosphere. Be sure to prepare for the first week back smarter, not harder. Practice at home with pumps and different attire to ensure comfort in public. Make sure to wear the correct clothing to work so pumping doesn’t become a daunting task. Stay calm and nourished in order to provide enough milk for the newborn at home.

Being a breastfeeding mother returning to work can produce struggles at first but in the end, it is what’s right for a mother and her baby. Don’t be afraid to get educated and speak to employers in order to ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace. With the correct supplies, preparation and attitude, a breastfeeding mother can easily provide for her baby during the work day.