5 Festive & Fun Christmas-Themed Books

We love books in our house, and we do a lot of reading with our kids. Before every major holiday or season, we rotate out some older books and pull out all of our books for the next occasion. I’m so excited to be pulling out our Christmas books this week. This is the first year where my daughter is starting to “get” Christmas and all of the holiday magic, so it makes it that much better! I love our book tradition!



Today, I’m sharing five of our favorite Christmas-themed books.We starting collecting Christmas-themed books three years ago (my daughter’s first Christmas) and each subsequent year, we have added a book or two to our library. 


Christmas Books for ToddlersChristmas in the Manger by Nola Buck |  Where is Baby’s Christmas Present? by Karen Katz | ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore & Jon Goodell | Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman | Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by James Dean


Kick off the holiday season with some fun new books for your little one!  Another one of my favorite places to snag holiday-themed books is at a library book sale or a children’s second-hand store. You can sometimes find brand-new books at a used-book price! 

I hope you enjoy each day of the holiday season with a great book!


All images via BarnesandNoble.com.