5 Tips on How to Capture Your Best Family Holiday Photos

As the holidays approach so do the, often dreaded, family photo shoots. Whether it’s a new baby, cold weather, cranky toddlers or exhausted parents – family photos can be quite a challenge. Here are some helpful tips on ways to make the best of the experience and capture album worthy shots to enjoy for years to come.

Coordinate, Don’t Match

Matching outfits went out with the Polaroid camera. Now it’s all about coordination – whether it’s a general color scheme (naturals, pastels) or a style theme (preppy, bohemian), you want to make sure your family photos look modern, not matched. 

Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

We only have a couple months left before winter weather hits, so take this opportunity to shoot outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage. Colorful trees in the park make for great backdrops as do architectural elements such as old buildings. And don’t be afraid of the rain – we recently had a family shoot in the park with umbrellas and rain boots and the pictures came out candid and amazing!

Pick Your Own “Golden Hour”

Many photographers like to take photos during the “golden hour” – that is the first hour after sunrise or the first hour before sunset. While lighting is important, happy kids and non-stressed parents are much more important. I suggest you plan around your kids’ happy hours – definitely avoiding nap times. 

Bring Backup

Backup everything – clothes, snacks, even backup childcare if you can wrangle a grandparent or two to help. That way if one family member gets distracted or needs a break, you don’t need to put a halt on the day.  

Use Your Photos

You’ve put a ton of work and time into having a great shoot, but many times photos end up hidden away in digital libraries, rarely enjoyed. Printing your family photos into an album allows you to capture a story around these special moments and enjoy cherished memories with loved ones for generations to come!