7 Reasons Breastfeeding Totally Rocks

When you get pregnant, you may not be thinking about how you’ll actually feed the baby once he gets here. You may just be trying to suffer through the morning sickness in the first and second trimesters and the exhaustion and puffiness in the third. Then all of a sudden, after 9 long months obviously, baby is here and the two of you begin your breastfeeding journey. Sometimes the round-the-clock feedings can make you forget that your baby and you will eventually sleep though the night. So here’s a friendly reminder why breastfeeding is pretty awesome (once the pain and the chafing subside, of course):


1. It’s FREE! That’s right folks, it doesn’t cost a dime. Nothing. Nada. Diapers and wipes…those things can add up. Not to mention all the toys and clothes baby needs. And how about that detergent for baby’s clothes? So give yourself a pat on the back for saving so much cash on baby’s food. Now you can go out and treat yourself to some fabulous nursing clothes, guilt-free!

2. The food is ALWAYS the right temperature. You’ll never have to deal with boiling water or a refrigerator. You don’t have to measure it or wait 10 minutes with a screaming infant because you made it too hot. In the middle of the night, you merely have to put baby’s mouth to your breast and it’s the perfect temp. No having to use machinery while you’re half asleep.

3. You know that baby is getting the right amount of nutrition. Every time. Breastmilk is pretty amazing stuff. It’s jam-packed with nutrients and all these other great things that your little one needs. It even changes based on baby’s needs. And you don’t have to do anything! It’s all right in there! Woohoo!

4. You don’t have to wash extra dishes. Bottle washing, in particular, can be a cumbersome task. Ever been to a friend’s house where they’ve got multiple drying rack trees stacked with upside down bottles? No fumbling with a bottle brush, no chapped dishwashing hands, more counter space. It’s a win-win-win.

5. It’s very soothing for baby. Breastfeeding doesn’t just fill up baby’s tummy, it also give him comfort. He loves the feeling he gets from being held and cuddled and fed till he’s full. It’s like Thanksgiving for baby. EVERY MEAL.

6. It’s very soothing for mom too (after the initial pain/frustration ends). Once you and baby are in a nursing groove, breastfeeding can be really comforting to mom too. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of baby drinking from your extremely full breast. At first, it’s a needed release. Then it can become so relaxing that sometimes it’ll knock you right out! Just make sure you’re in a safe position if that happens…

7. It makes you indispensable. Not that you were worried that your flesh and blood that you carried for nine months would like you. But still. It totally makes you the most important thing in the world to your baby. That, of course, can also be tough if you have to leave and baby doesn’t want you to go…but just think how great it is to be that needed by someone? And yes, it’s totally ok to gloat that you’re No. 1. You’ve earned it.