Baby Guide – New Mom Must Haves

Those first few months home with baby can be a whirlwind. You are enjoying that little bundle of joy that you just brought home and still trying to adjust to having a new little one in the house. There are so many items that you need for those first few months at home and we want to make sure that you have what you need. If you are preparing for the arrival of your little one, make sure that you have these must-have items on hand for those first two months.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video MonitorIt’s only natural to want to watch your baby’s every move those first few months of life. Babies are such a magical thing to watch over. The Summer Infant Baby Monitor lets you keep an eye on your bundle of joy even when you aren’t in the same room. We love the touch screen that allows you to zoom, pan around the room, and even talk to your baby in the other room. The color video quality on this monitor is great, giving you a clear look of your little one.

Available at Target, $239.99

Ergobaby SwaddlerThe swaddler from Ergobaby is their latest product on the market. Unlike any other swaddler, it allows you to easily change your little ones diaper without unwrapping them from the swaddle. It also features arm pockets to allow for your baby’s arms to stay in the correct position.

Available at Giggle, $45.00


Whether you are breastfeeding or not, the Boppy is a great addition for babies. It allows your baby to rest comfortably on you while you are nursing and is also great for tummy time as it provides nice support for your little one.

Available at Target, $35.99

Bloom Alma Mini CribMany parents like their little one to sleep in the room with them for the first couple of months. The Bloom Alma Mini Crib is small enough to keep in your room but makes a great transition into their own room as well. It folds up easily so that you can put it away when not in use. No need to buy a crib and a bassinet when you have the Alma Mini Crib.

Available at giggle, $340.00

Aden & Anais SwaddlesYour baby is going to want to be swaddled when he is sleeping for those first few months. Swaddling reminds him of the closeness and comfort that he felt in the womb. We love the aden + anais swaddles for the soft muslin fabric that is breathable and the large size. They also make great stroller covers, nursing covers, burp cloths and more! Available at, $49.95 for a 4 pack

Avent Comfort Breast PumpIf you are breastfeeding, there are times that you will want to give others a chance to feed your baby. The Philips AVENT Comfort pump is one of the only pumps on the market that allows you to lean back while pumping your milk allowing you to be comfortable. It allows you to pump directly into Philips bottles so you don’t have to worry about transferring your milk. The soft massage cushion will stimulate your milk for an easy flow.

Available at, $199.90

Britax Chaperone Infant Car SeatYour little one will be spending a lot of time in an infant car seat. Whether it’s in the stroller or on a car ride, you want them to be safe and comfortable. The Chaperone is a great option for your little one because it provides true side impact protection, a five-point harness, and has a 30 pound weight capacity.

Available at, $229.99

Marpac Zohne White Noise Machine We always recommend using a white noise machine when your little one is sleeping. It helps block out outside noises and allows for them to get more restful sleep. We love the Marpac Marsona White Noise Machine because it it compact and can easily travel with you when your baby is ready. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond, $74.95

Honest DiapersDiapers are an absolute necessity, but we love Honest Diapers for their cute designs and commitment to the environment. Honest diapers are free of any harmful chemicals, yet are still soft on your baby’s skin. Subscribe to the Honest monthly bundle and you can have diapers sent to your door automatically every month. It takes one thing off of your to-do list.

Available at

Puj Sink TubNo need for a big baby tub to give your baby a bath. The Puj Tub fits right in your sink so you can safely and comfortably wash your baby. It then can hang or lie flat for easy storage and drying.

Available at Puj, $44.99

Patemm PadYou will be changing a lot of diapers on the go. The patemm pad is unlike any other changing pad. It is round allowing your little one to move around without getting off of the changing pad. It also has pockets that you can store diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. It folds compactly to take it easily on-the-go!

Get it from, $95.00

Munchkin Bottle BrushMake cleaning those baby bottle easy with this bottle brush from Munchkin. It has a nipple brush that comes attached to make cleaning the bottle nipples easy.

Available at Munchkin, $4.79

Orbit Travel SystemThe Orbit Travel System is unlike any other stroller on the market. It has a 360 degree rotation allowing you to easily turn the seat around. The infant car seat has a Paparazzi shield to easily cover your little one from anything outside.

Get it from Orbit Baby, $1,170.00

BornFree Classic BottleIf you are bottle feeding your little one, you want to make sure that you give them a bottle that doesn’t make them fussy. The Born Free bottles have ActiveFlow Venting Technology that has been clinically proven to reduce colic symptoms. They are dishwasher safe so you can easily throw them in to clean and sterilize.

Available at Babies R Us, $21.99

Imagine Baby Infant Car Seat CoverKeep your baby protected from the sun while you are outside on those long walks. We love this shade because it fits over nearly any infant car seat and keeps your baby safe from the suns rays.

· Available at $39.95

Moby WrapSkin to skin contact is very important for those first few months of life. Your little one loves being close to you and will feel very comfortable having close contact with your skin. While you would love to hold your little ones in your arms all day, it’s nearly impossible because other things need to get done. The Moby Wrap allows for that skin to skin contact while allowing your hands to be free. You can clean the house, work on your computer, or just sit and watch television with your little one still close to you.Available at, $47.95

Ubbi Diaper PailBabies go through a lot of diapers those first few months. You will feel like you are changing them all the time. Rather than running to a trash can to throw the diaper away, you want to have a convenient place to throw away the diaper that won’t put a foul odor in the room. We love the Ubbi Diaper Pail for the sleek look. It fits in any room and securely and odorlessly stores your baby’s dirty diapers. The best part? It doesn’t require any special bags, just a regular kitchen trash bag! Available at, $79.99

4moms MamarooBabies feel very comfortable rocking back and forth in your arms, but it’s nearly impossible to do that all the time. The 4moms Mamaroo mimics many of the natural motions that parents make and babies love. It also plays soothing sounds and even allows you to connect your iPod to play some of your little ones favorite music. They will rock peacefully in this bouncer so you can have a little time to yourself.Available at, $199.99