It’s Back! Ditch Your Expired Car Seats in Target’s Trade-in Event

If you missed Target’s Car Seat Trade-in Event in the Spring, now is your chance to get rid of your dangerous and expired carseats and get 20% off in return.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for the program to come back because my littlest is kind of huge for his age. He kicked his sister out of her convertible in the Spring, but now he is too big for the seat in my in-laws car and we’ve got to outfit them with a newer, safer option.  

With three kids under the age of five, I’ve spent my fair share on car seats over the years. From the very first infant car seat we bought our oldest as a newborn, to convertibles and boosters, I count 8 different car seats that have been in our possession. I honestly don’t want to do the math to figure out just how much we’ve spent.

Here’s the thing, keeping my kids safe is worth the expense but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about the idea of saving a little money on our next car seat purchase.

That is what is so great about Target’s Car Seat Trade-in Event. In exchange for your too small, broken, or expired seats, Target will give you 20% off your next car seat purchase. It really is the best thing to happen to moms with multiple kids in car seats in a very long time.

The temptation to use an expired seat is so real. Unused seats are everywhere and $10 at a garage sale is much more appealing than dropping a couple hundred on a brand new model. But expired car seats come with risks that aren’t worth the little money you will save by buying used or putting the purchase off after your older model expires. Once a seat is expired, the manufacturer isn’t able to guarantee the safety of the passenger. Even seats that aren’t expired, but have been in an accident, can’t be trusted to keep your baby safe while you are on the road.

Target isn’t simply getting expired car seats off the street, either. They’re collecting unused seats and turning them into something useful. By partnering with TerraCycle, Target is able to turn the seats they collect into products they can then resell. In the Spring, they collected a million pounds of recyclable materials from their trade-in event and they hope to see the same results this time around.

If you’ve got an expired car seat sitting around in garage, nows the time to clear out the clutter and get a new seat for your kid. Target’s fall trade-in event will take place from September 10th to the 23rd at most Target locations. Drop it off and leave with 20% your next car seat purchase.