Beat the Morning Blues!

Having a hard time getting out of the house in the morning?

Keep a “kit” in the bottom of your stroller with snack, an empty cup, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, a bottle of water, and shelf stable milk or formula. (I’d even include some stickers, bubbles, and crayons, just in case.) I recommend that parents keep their baby carrier and a rain/wind shield in the bottom of the stroller, as well. On those inevitable days when things aren’t going as planned, don’t worry about checking the diaper bag contents, just go, knowing your extras are in place. When you use something from the kit, text or email yourself a reminder with an alarm, to replace it.
For families with older children, have them help. Make a picture schedule showing your child their morning responsibilities. They can even help create it. Draw or cut pictures showing sneakers, backpack, and lunch box. Include a written label to support literacy skills. Let your children check off, or place a sticker next to, each item they’ve taken care of in the morning. This is a great time for those spontaneous rewards and positive reinforcement I’m always talking about.
Certainly, completing some of these preparations the night before can be helpful. All that being said, as we get in the groove of our post-summer schedules, cut yourself, and your children, a little slack. It will all come together. Big hugs!