Bonding at the Barre

I’ve been struggling to find my fitness niche for the past few years. I went from Flywheel to Crossfit to Physique 57…I realized that I enjoyed all of these (expensive) boutique fitness options and found my home recently at Equinox (as a third time member!). Equinox offers classes that I only dreamt about in one venue–from bootcamp to the Pursuit to Barre Burn. My absolutely love getting my workout on and feel so empowered and powerful these days. I’m in the midst of ETC Training at Equinox which is a month long 3x a day week bootcamp from 6am to 7am — it’s my favorite so far because my workout is completed before my house is awake – and the majority of NYC. 

However, from time to time it’s fun to try other fitness classes around Manhattan of which there are MANY! I was very excited to get an invite to take a BFX Studio Barre class with Rachel Nicks. Rachel is a certified doula(!) who specializes in barre, HIIT, Hatha yoga and prenatal and postpartum fitness. Rachel is also one of the current cover girls and competing in 
Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star” competition. Even though the class was for media, Rachel did not disappoint and I left the class with my legs feeling like jelly and loving every minute of it. 
The best part was that I was able to take my fellow Mudrunning Mamas with me — we competed in a Mud Run a couple of months ago, successfully finishing and we are gearing up for our next obstacle course this Sunday at Randall’s Island. Not only has re-joining Equinox changed my attitude, energy and strength but also signing up for these challenges has as well. The four of us are constantly encouraging and complimenting each other. I also love saying, “I’m training for an obstacle course.” It makes me accountable and goal-oriented. I think the sign-up for my Pursuit class just opened up-excuse me while I get my favorite bike! 


Disclosure: I received a complimentary Barre class at BFX Studio.