The Brilliant and Simple Diaper Bag Hack That Will Have You Asking “Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?”

When it comes to parenting hacks, I had begun to believe¬†that there truly is nothing new under the sun.¬†If you’ve seen one click bait post about parenting hacks, you’ve probably seen them all, since these tips and tricks tend to be recycled over and over. So when I heard about this new “life changing” diaper bag hack, there may have been some eye rolling involved. I mean, really? I have three kids, so it’s probably going to take quite a lot to impress me, but you are welcome to try.

But you guys…I was wrong. This diaper bag hack is not only brilliant, but super simple. Like “why didn’t I think of that before” simple.

Facebook user Elizabeth Rasco (also known as The Painted Dragon), posted this genius idea recently and it has blown the minds of internet mamas far and wide. The hack involves repurposing a used baby wipes container and conserving space by strapping the wipes to the inside of the lid (using a stretchy headband), which then frees up the inside of the container to be filled with all the other diapering essentials that mamas are always frantically rummaging around in their bags to find (I’m looking at you diaper cream).

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been in the middle of a diaper change only to realize I needed diaper cream or a change of clothes and then had to dig around in my bag with one hand whilst wrangling a semi-naked, poo-covered babe with the other. Basically a recipe for disaster.

Now, everything can be in one place. Just toss in a spare bodysuit, a roll of doggie bags for containing diaper changing messes, creams (and maybe even hand sanitizer) and you’re ready to go! Now you can keep an emergency diaper kit in every diaper bag, vehicle and stroller so you’ll never be without the things you need. Another bonus is that you’ll finally have a purpose for those extra empty wipes containers that come in every giant Costco-sized box of wipes! I also love the idea of using these to store other necessities for on-the-go. DIY first aid kit, quick change kit and more are totally being conjured up in my mama brain as I write this.

This just goes to show that necessity really is the mother of invention and that mothers are really ridiculously clever! If any of you want to put this diaper bag hack to the test, head over to find the instructions and a little update to make this hack even better (can you believe that was even possible?!).

Happy diapering!