Curly Hair Woes

My daughter has been blessed with crazy curly hair. Well at least that’s what she hears day in and day out from strangers.  Of course, she begs to get her hair blown out straight so she looks like most of her friends (and sometimes I give in as its so much easier to manage.)  I swear, I have visions of her having Keratin Treatments at the age of 10!

I’ve experienced the screaming, the fighting, the tears. Sami would scream that I’m hurting her and that im pulling her head off. Ugh, it was a nightmare!

After trying every product that is marketed towards curly haired kids for both detangling and styling, I think we finally have the curly thing down to a science!  Moms always ask me what I do with my daughter’s hair to make her curls look the way that they do. So, here  it goes! Our routine with photos and all!

  1. Wash hair with Ouidad Krly Kids No Time For Tears Shampoo, Rinse. 
  2. Apply Ouidad Krly Kids  No More Knots Conditioner – Rinse.
  3. As soon as your child comes out of the bath/shower – BRUSH THEIR HAIR!  It is so much easier to brush their hair when it is soaking wet…..dont even towel dry it.  Depending on the length of the hair – it will dry as you are combing through it.  I recommend using a plastic paddle brush.  Brush out the knots from the bottom an then once the knots are out – go to the very top and work your way down.  Take the time to get every knot out.  Sami’s hair parts  on the side – so we make her “Party Part” and continue to comb through.
  4. Once the knots are out and its combs straight – I take a qtr. size “dollop” of  Ouidad VitalCurl Define & Shine Styling Gel-Cream and scrunch from the bottom up.  It’s important not to run your fingers through their hair as that will break up the curls. 
  5. After you are done with the cream gel – I then take a spray gel  also from Ouidad called Krly Kids Pump & Go Spray and I spray it all over  including the front and the top – this kind of “sets” the curls.


            curly kids  hair ouidad



If you are doing this at night, which I highly recommend you do, as mornings tend to be a bit harried with school age kids, gather all the hair and twist loosely in the middle on top of their head and wrap a ponytail holder around it so it looks like a very loose, messy bun.  Let them sleep like that…YES…with a wet head!  (If doing a wash and go…just skip the bun part – but you must let the hair air dry.)

In the Morning when they wake up – carefully remove the ponytail holder and have your child flip their head to loosen the curls a bit. The Hair may still be damp – thats okay!  Their hair should be perfect!  Feel free to take a tiny bit of water on your hands to smooth out the fly-a-ways at the front of their hair.


                                     curly hair kids

I have tried a ton of other brands and the results were just not the same.  Either the curls were too crunchy; her hair was too smelly or just turned out too fluffy and frizzy.  I should mention that the only down fall of having curly hair is that you need to either wash it daily or wet it completely to have normal looking curly hair.

If you have a curly haired kid and have some products to reccommend, I would LOVE to hear from you. Let me know some of your tips.